Looking for a Low Down Payment Car in Topeka? Consider Auto Now

December 20th, 2019 by

Auto Now has been operating in Topeka since 1996, giving us over two decades of experience in automotive sales and a history of dedication to our customers in providing reliable and quality transportation.

As a family-owned business, Auto Now takes pride in providing friendly and comprehensive service. We value every customer that comes through our door, respecting whatever finance requirements our customers may have with a flexible and understanding attitude. Customers choose a car from our large inventory of quality vehicles, arrange the best payment plan for themselves, then drive away happy.

Many Americans have been negatively impacted by tough circumstances and a slumping economy, which may have impacted credit ratings and the ability to purchase a vehicle. Auto Now understands this and believes that everyone deserves a chance, regardless of his or her credit history. That’s why Auto Now does not discriminate against those who have had credit problems in the past.

Buy Here, Pay Here in Topeka

For those looking to get to the dealership, buy the car then and there, and drive away the same day — Auto Now offer Buy Here, Pay Here financing to ensure your smooth transaction. Customers need not worry about credit history haunting them or bank issues when Buy Here, Pay Here is an option.

Pick a car, sign the contract, and drive away. That’s the bottom line of Buy Here, Pay Here, and anyone in Kansas and Missouri is eligible when buying from Auto Now. Here are some advantages of Buy Here, Pay Here:

  • Simple and easy applications
  • Any credit type acceptable
  • Lower interest rates
  • Large range of vehicles available
  • Fast application approval
  • Driving in a chosen car sooner rather than later

Families and workers depend on vehicles to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Dealing with banks and complex financial processes can be a burden when you need a new car quick. Buy Here, Pay Here helps to alleviate a lot of worry and hassle, making Auto Now an excellent choice for those who need a seamless, stress-free vehicle purchase.

Auto Now also allow customers to make loan applications online through our online form found on our website. The simple application only asks for basic information, is quick, and can even be approved within 10 minutes. Providing a customer is 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and take-home pay of at least $1,200 — an excellent auto loan is offered to everyone.

24-Month Warranty and Hundreds of Vehicles

Trucks, hatchbacks, coupes, vans, SUVs — you name it. Auto Now has hundreds of vehicles in our inventory to choose from to suit our customers’ needs. All vehicles are maintained and sold only at the highest quality. All vehicles are excellently priced for the standard of the vehicles sold, unlike many dealerships who sell pre-owned cars to customers at a higher price than what they’re worth. Auto Now stands behind what we sell with pride and offer customers the option to test drive and inspect vehicles themselves before purchase.

Quality can be a big concern for many customers when buying pre-owned, which is why Auto Now only accepts the best of the best vehicles from auctions and trade-ins. While some vehicles may have the odd cosmetic blemish, Auto Now never compromise on safety or mechanical operation. Doing right by the people and families that Auto Now serves is a priority. All vehicles are thoroughly tested by local mechanics and automotive experts before being put out for sale — if they don’t meet the strict standards for quality then they’re just not sold.

On top of this, customers are given an extensive and affordable warranty on Topeka vehicles that lasts up to 24 months or 24,000 miles from the moment the sale or from mileage measured from the odometer at the date of sale. The schedule of coverage is fully detailed on Auto Now’s website and covers all vital components of the vehicle.

Customer Care

Auto Now operates with honesty and transparency. With some dealerships, many customers end up being haggled and pushed into bad deals or flat out rejected because of credit history. Auto Now takes a stance against this, as we firmly believe everyone deserves a second chance and that no customer should be pushed into unacceptable offers for the sake of profit. Auto Now even offers $200 discounts for customers who use our website.

Finding information on car purchases and how Auto Now operates is straightforward too, as we provide detailed blog posts and FAQ on our website. Whether it’s advice on how to find the right car for your budget, how to reduce car expenses, or whether to opt for online payments or Buy Here, Pay Here cars in Topeka — there’s something for every question. You can also find Topeka and other dealership locations, as well as contact details and company information on the website too.

Auto Now values the insight of customers, which is why we offer the ability to leave reviews and feedback on our website, whether it’s admiration or a complaint. This customer focus is important, and after more than 20 years of business is likely a reason why Auto Now is still doing business in more than six areas, including Topeka. Auto Now takes a stance against judging customers based purely on credit history too, and actively push customers towards building better credit. It’s hard not to admire this standard of customer service.

If you’ve had credit problems in the past, choose Auto Now as your low down payment car dealership in Topeka. With one of the best financing teams in the area and a willingness to loan to those with poor credit, we’re the obvious choice. Browse our huge inventory of used vehicles to find the perfect car for your family, and then get in touch with Auto Now to discuss how we can get you into that car in no time.