About Us

About Auto Now, Trusted Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership in Kansas and Missouri

As a trusted Buy Here, Pay Here car dealership, Auto Now can help you get inside of a quality car regardless of credit history. We act as the bank. We’d never send you off walking if we can help it, and look forward to putting a smile on your face as you leave our lot in the car of your dreams. When you work with our dealership, you’ll enjoy a smooth experience from professionals with one goal in mind: getting you inside a great ride that you love.

Why Buy Here, Pay Here Auto Dealers?

Kansas City, Wichita and Topeka residents often use our Buy Here, Pay Here auto financing when they have credit problems from the past haunting them today. It is easy to make mistakes that result in credit problems. In turn, those credit problems often result in the denial of any application for an automobile loan.

This is a thing of the past now that Auto Now is available to help. No matter what kind of troubles you’ve encountered in the past, we’ll work to get you inside of a car quickly. We understand that sometimes bad things happen to good people and we work to ensure that misfortune doesn’t get in the way of your needs.

Buy Here, Pay Here users are practical men and women that do not want the headaches and hassles of bank financing. They simply want to pick the car of their desire, sign the contract, and drive away. These people fare well with Buy Here, Pay Here since it is a hassle-free, headache-free experience simple for all. You can avoid the banks altogether when you opt to make your vehicle purchase with us.

Anyone in Kansas and Missouri is eligible for a vehicle purchase via our Buy Here, Pay Here lots. We’d love to show you how simple and stress-free it is to make your vehicle purchase at our auto centers. We’ve been helping people just like you for nearly two decades now, and we would love to add your name to the list of our satisfied car drivers. You don’t build this kind of history if you aren’t making the customer happy.

Buy Here, Pay Here Works with You!

How many car dealerships have turned you down or refused to hear your story because your creditworthiness wasn’t up to their standards? Stop letting your past rule your future. Buy Here, Pay Here auto dealerships aren’t worried about past credit problems. If you have a down payment and can afford the small monthly payments, you’re ready for the vehicle financing that you need.

Advantage of Buy Here, Pay Here

When you buy your vehicle with us, we make life simple. Some of the numerous advantages of purchasing a Buy Here, Pay Here vehicle from Auto Now include:

  • Easy application
  • All credit types accepted
  • Faster approval times
  • Potentially lower interest rates
  • Work to rebuild your credit
  • A large selection of new and used vehicles to choose from

It’s important to be able to get a vehicle if you’ve got a job that requires you to drive. You won’t deal with the banks or other financial institutions when you shop with us. We handle all aspects of the vehicle purchase from start to finish, eliminating hassles from your vehicle purchase. There are so many more benefits offered in addition to what we’ve listed above. Aren’t you excited to choose your next car already?

Final Thoughts

Completing an application is the first step in getting the vehicle of your desires. The application is quick and easy and it just our way of getting to know you a little bit better. To complete the application, simply provide us the basic details, such as your name and address, your place of employment and your earnings each month. We’ll also need other details like your social security number and may need a couple of references. That’s all that you need to complete your application. We’ll provide you an answer quickly after you apply so you won’t wonder any longer than necessary.

Let’s ride! You know you’re ready to finally get a vehicle of your own and Auto Now will make that happen for you. The first step is completing your application and getting in touch with one of our professional agents without delay.