How Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships are Different Than the Rest

May 3rd, 2019 by

It’s hard to miss a buy here pay here dealership. So many of them have flashy advertising with deals that seem too good to be true that even if you’re not sure exactly how they are different from other used car dealerships, you know that they exist independently. You see them as you whiz by on the highway, and you definitely can’t help but notice them if you’re stuck in 5 pm traffic. For the average car dealer, a buy here pay here dealership is rarely differentiated from a traditional used car dealership. After all, they mostly look the same – many used cars from all different brands, bright decorations and signage, and rarely anyone outside looking at cars when you drive by.

A good buy here pay here dealership is different than most other dealerships. With competitive pricing, fair trade-in offers, and most importantly a way for people who have less than excellent credit to purchase a car when they need it, it is possible for anyone regardless of credit history to buy an affordable and dependable used car. Unfortunately, buy here pay here car dealerships have acquired a bad reputation over the years, and this has prevented many people from seeking the help that they need to get a quality used car. At Auto Now in Independence, we believe that dispelling the myths about buy here pay here dealerships that offer on the lot financing is essential to helping people get the car they need. Here is how buy here pay here dealerships are different than the rest.

About the Inventory

Buy here pay here dealerships have specific federal regulations that they must meet to sell their inventory. On each car, there must be a document which discloses the history of the vehicle as well as any issues with the car on the report. Transparency in buying is something that we believe in at Auto Now, and therefore we make sure that our car history documents are accessible and easy to read. We also believe in selling only the best used cars available. We take pride in our inventory, and we inspect and provide a 24-month warranty for every vehicle on our lot.

Many of the cars on our lot are trade-ins that former customers have put toward the purchase of a used car on the lot. This process has provided us with a diverse inventory that allows our customers greater choice from the products available. You won’t find the same diversity in used cars, as many other used car lots purchase lower-quality cars to make a profit off them. At Auto Now Independence, we couple quality with reliability and affordability, setting our inventory aside from our competition.

About the Process of Applying for On the Lot Financing

Applying for on the lot financing is like applying for a traditional bank loan. As you would head into a bank, you head into a buy here pay here dealership like Auto Now of Independence. Your first stop is meeting with a car salesperson, who will determine how large of a loan you qualify for by looking over your monthly financial obligations and your net income for the month. After a loan amount is determined and you accept that loan, you then browse from the selection of vehicles on the lot until you find a car that you like. A great way to cut down time is to estimate how much you can afford to pay on a vehicle and then browse the inventory in that range before coming to the lot.

Once you have chosen your new car, you sign off on it, and the salesperson will walk you through your payments.

About the Payments on Your New-to-You Car

If you’re reading this and you just signed off on a new car, congratulations! You’re on your way to the freedom of hitting the open road. One thing that separates a purchase of a buy here pay here car from purchases of other types of used vehicles is that payments can be a little different. Payments are customized and will vary from person to person, but as well as monthly payment options, buy here pay here dealerships often offer weekly and bi-weekly payments. There are many benefits to making weekly and bi-weekly payments, and if you have questions about which one might be better for you, then you need only to speak with one of the experts at a dealership like Auto Now Independence.

How We Help Rebuild Credit Quickly

Usually, purchasing a car through a buy here pay here car lot means that you spend less time paying off your car – not only because it is a used car, but because buy here pay here dealers find comfortable ways to help you make more significant payments on it quickly. This adds up over time and eventually works toward rebuilding your credit. Whenever you make an on-time payment toward the ownership of your car, the dealership you have financed through reports to the main US credit bureaus. Additionally, if you make extra payments or you pay off the total due on your car before the term is up, this also goes into your credit report. Paying off large sums and making on-time payments are critical when it comes to rebuilding your credit, so working with a buy here pay here dealership is one of the best ways you can make a difference on your credit score.

Are you a Kansas City or Independence resident who has been searching for the right place to buy their next car? Check out Auto Now of Independence before you do any further searching. Our knowledgeable salespeople and diverse inventory are sure to help everyone from car experts to first-time buyers make a sound purchase. Stop by our Independence location at 10500 US 24 or give us a call at (816) 833-6900 to schedule an appointment. We are open Monday through Saturday from 9 am until close.

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