Can You Get A Car Loan If You Have Credit Problems?

January 13th, 2020 by

Can I Get a Car Loan with Less Than Stellar Credit?

If you are looking to purchase a vehicle in the Wichita area and have a less than stellar credit history there is a surefire way to get that car at Auto Now, a Buy Here Pay Here dealership that has you in mind.

Most auto dealerships will have you jumping through hoops to arrange financing for you to qualify for a loan to buy a car. Even banks will run you through the wringer when you apply for a loan when your credit score is less than the gold standard.

Most credit advisers will recommend that you shop for a used car as opposed to a new car, as there are obvious advantages, starting with a much lower purchase price.

Auto Now specializes in assisting those needing to purchase a vehicle regardless of their credit history. With a great selection of pre-owned vehicles, Auto Now will surely have a vehicle that suits your needs.

Auto Now has been specializing in making quality pre-owned vehicles available to its customers since 1996. Auto Now has grown to six locations in Kansas and Missouri, because during these last 20 plus years we have done what we have promised for thousands of loyal customers. Even trusted credit experts such as Experian advise people with credit issues that dealers of this type offer a good alternative for their vehicle purchase, and we invite you to check out our excellent deals for yourself.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing from Auto Now in Wichita

Purchasing a vehicle from Auto Now is a smooth and painless experience. We have a huge selection of quality pre-owned vehicles that come from a buying team that travels the central U.S. looking for reliable vehicles that can be sold to our customers at a great price.

Every vehicle is inspected by our team of independent mechanics before we will sell it. These vehicles must meet our stringent mechanical and safety standards before they are considered ready to be sold on our lots and our website. Auto Now knows you need a reliable vehicle to get you back and forth to work and a safe vehicle for transporting your loved ones around town.

Auto Now in Wichita is so sure that we sell only the highest quality pre-owned vehicles that we cover all vehicles with a 24-month powertrain warranty with a small $200 deductible. We want you to have complete confidence and that you love the vehicle that you purchase.

You can trust Auto Now to streamline your vehicle purchase by providing a one-stop shopping experience. Every step in your vehicle purchase is handled all right here at the dealership lot.

How Do I Qualify for a Buy Here Pay Here Car?

Qualifying for credit at Auto Now is extremely easy with simple steps. If you are at least 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and have take-home pay of at least $1,200 a month, you qualify. There are no hidden clauses or tricks. No matter what your credit history is, you can get that vehicle that you need and want just that easily.

To make your vehicle purchasing experience even easier, we have an online application that requires basic information about you. Everybody is invited to use the process no matter what his or her credit score may be. We will give you fast approval for a loan amount, often in only ten minutes. Once you get that approval, it is in effect for the next 30 days so that you can shop for your vehicle at your leisure. With our fast inventory turnover, it gives you plenty of time to wait for just the right vehicle.

The trained vehicle purchase specialists at Auto Now will help you to tailor the purchase of your pre-owned vehicle with a down payment that fits your circumstances based on the vehicle you choose. You simply give the vehicle purchase specialist the specifications you are looking for in vehicle type and features and they will gladly find you multiple vehicles that fit your requirements.

How Do Repayments for Buy Here Pay Here Cars Work?

Auto Now understands that you are looking to repair your credit so we make it easy for you by specializing in short term loans that will rapidly increase your credit score. Most of the financing packages are offered with low weekly payments of between $50 and $100 with most payments averaging about $80.

With Auto Now making your payments easier than ever, you can make your payments at any of our six locations, or via our Easy Pay Direct Debit plan that debits your preferred payment source each week, so that you do not ever have to worry about any late payments. Just check out the online payment portal for details on setting up these automatic payments.

Auto Now has made your purchase of a high-quality pre-owned vehicle in Wichita as easy a process as possible. We treat you with dignity and respect regardless of any credit situation that you are dealing with. You will know that you are a valued customer from the time you arrive at their dealership lot, all the way through the purchasing process until you drive your vehicle off the lot to your home. You will know that the people at Auto Now realize that the best way to treat a customer is to be honest and fair by offering vehicles only of the best quality and reliability that will fit your needs. You can count on that vehicle to get you wherever you need to go. It will be a vehicle that comfortably fits your budget that you will be proud to own.

With our included warranty, you will know that your vehicle purchase is one that you can trust and leave our Buy Here Pay Here dealership in Wichita knowing that you got a fair and honest deal.