Best Used Car Options for Your College Graduate

May 3rd, 2019 by

It’s that time of year – college graduates are in their last few weeks of school and cramming for final exams as well as putting extra hours in on papers and presentations. If you talk to them over the phone or meet up with them for lunch, you might be greeted with a yawn after they pulled an all-nighter. For many, these last efforts come with a sense of excitement and fear because they are on their way to graduating. Graduation brings with it new opportunities, and traditionally it also brings gifts. If you’re a parent and you’re looking to get your child a new-to-them car as a reward for their four years of hard work, used vehicles are a great way to go.

This shouldn’t just be a junker car, like the kind they undoubtedly bought with their savings or you helped them purchase when they were in high school. You’ll want to make sure that your investment works for them for the long-term, however, so parents should always do a little scouting to ensure the best used car options for their college graduates.

Consider Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Buy here pay here dealerships get a bad rap, but they are honestly one of the best options for parents looking to give their kids a little taste of independence while not paying an arm and a leg for their freedom. Buy here pay here car dealerships work with anyone, regardless of credit history, and can help find you a car that fits into your budget as well as one that you can pay off relatively quickly. Let’s face it – you remember what you were like at that age, and the chances are likely that you were much less immature. First and second cars go through a beating, so you’ll want to make sure that when buying a first or second car you don’t have to spend years paying on an investment that will likely take additional punishment.

Buy here pay here dealerships are also an excellent opportunity for parents with credit issues to get a graduation-worthy present for their child. Loans and lines of credit are nearly impossible to obtain if you have poor credit, and that can make getting a car for your child that much more difficult. However, at buy here pay here dealerships they only need to see that you make a certain amount of money and are above a certain age for you to get in-house financing.

Work With Legitimate Sources & Opt For Safety

Usually, you can tell a bad deal by looking at it. For instance, if you pass by a used car lot that has only a handful of cars and all of them look worse for the wear, you might want to check elsewhere for a vehicle. Not only is a car dealership like this likely to sell you what is so endearingly referred to as a lemon car, but they are also likely to sell you a vehicle that is not up to safety standards. No parent ever wants to cause their child harm knowingly, so it is best to work with a legitimate source that focuses on safety and reliability – even if that means getting your graduate the most basic sedan over a cool old SUV with questionable safety ratings.

Buy here pay here auto dealerships are usually trustworthy, and there are a few ways that you can reassure yourself that you’re making the right decision about purchasing through a buy here pay here car lot. First, reputable car lots will have attentive and open salespeople who are willing to answer your questions and work with you on finding the right car. Second, they will belong to an association that verifies their quality standard. For instance, Auto Now belongs to NIADA – the National Independent Automobile Dealership Association. This proves that they have a warranty on their vehicles that looks after the best interests of the customer rather than trying to sell the customer a car to make a quick buck. Finally, cars will be free of major cosmetic issues and look as though they are well maintained. Reputable dealers like Auto Now will also let you test drive cars to make sure you don’t have any question about their reliability before you purchase them.

Check in With Your College Graduate Before Buying

You can still surprise your graduate with a great used car while making sure it is the right car for them. Is your child a car enthusiast? Consider purchasing them a manual. Often, manual cars of similar or better quality than the majority of automatic cars on the market are sold for less at used car lots. Manual cars are a delight to drive if you’re a car enthusiast and might be an added pleasure for a vehicle that is gifted to a child.

Additionally, if your graduate is moving on to bigger and brighter futures at a post-graduate job, gently ask them about what type of work they’ll be doing for their job. If the work requires a lot of highway driving, perhaps opt for a car that offers excellent highway mileage. If it is a job that requires offroad driving, such as a biology position, a truck might be a better option. Whatever situation your child will be in, you know them best and will ultimately be able to make a choice that they’ll love on a used car for them.

If your college graduate is taking the next step in their adult life by graduating, reward them for their efforts by buying or helping them buy a quality used car. Olathe, Kansas residents can bring their college graduates down to Auto Now on 1404 East Santa Fe Street to browse our selection of quality used vehicles. Graduation will be a moment they will never forget, but that moment can be made especially memorable by handing them the keys to a car. Schedule a test drive for your graduate by calling us at (913) 764-8989.