The Benefits of Buying from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

June 13th, 2019 by

Buy here pay here car dealerships are too often misrepresented by popular media. Written off as high-interest, low-reward investments, the average person would be shocked to know that there are many benefits to purchasing a car from one of these establishments. With in-house car financing and a large selection of used vehicles, buy here pay here dealerships are helping more people get the car they need regardless of their credit history. If you’re on the fence about buying a used car from a lot like Auto Now, continue reading to learn more about the benefits.

Check Out The Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here

In-House Financing – Simple and Beneficial

If you’ve been through the car buying process before, you understand how frustrating applying for financing can be. It is hard for both those with good credit and those with complicated credit alike. Obtaining one from a bank or a credit union is a few-day process that involves invasive credit procedures and wait periods. For those with credit issues, there is no guarantee that this effort will even result in a loan. But even for those with outstanding credit, certain reported items on a credit check can result in high-interest rates and a slower disbursement time for their loans.

In-house financing, offered at buy here pay here establishments, has multiple benefits over traditional lending options. Speed is one of the most significant benefits, impacting all the people who apply for financing. Because it can take as many as three weeks for traditional loans to disburse fully, there is no guarantee that you will get the money you need in a timely fashion. This becomes an issue when your livelihood depends upon public transportation, when you have a family that relies on a car for its needs, or even when you are on a time limit for the purchase of a vehicle. With buy here pay here establishments, you are generally able to get the money and the car that you need in a timely fashion – often even on the same day you show up to the dealership.

Additionally, if you have previous credit issues, you will have no problem getting a loan. Buy here pay here dealerships offer to finance to anyone, including those who might have a lower credit score. At the same time, paying off a loan from a buy here pay here dealership also helps rebuild credit, so it is an excellent option for those that might have credit issues and want to rebuild their credit.

Cars are Easier to Trust

Buying a used car always seems like a gamble, especially if it is from a third party or an independent seller you don’t know. To be a certified used car dealership, you must meet specific federal standards – these include, at a bare minimum, exposing everything that is wrong with the car before offering it up for sale. Auto Now offers a variety of used cars, and while we do offer a vehicle history with each vehicle that we sell, we also offer a 24-month warranty on our cars. Our reputation depends upon being clear about the cars we sell, and therefore we know how important it is for our buyers to get the best the first time around.

Anyone Can Buy from a Buy Here Pay Here Lot

Buy here pay here can be misrepresented as an option only for those with poor credit. This is because these types of car lots will offer to finance anyone, regardless of credit history. However, the beauty of a buy here pay here car lot is that they are for anyone.

Had issues getting a loan due to time, credit history, or other reasons? All you need is a base income to get a loan at Auto Now. We help you find a payment schedule that works with your financial needs.

Need a car based around a specific time constraint? Auto Now has you covered and can get you the vehicle you need quickly.

Buy here pay here lots are affordable, reliable, and convenient options for those wishing to buy a quality used car. There are no limits on your credit history, and there’s a wide selection to choose from.

Spend Less Time Paying Off Your Car

Anyone who has taken a loan out for school or another reason understands that it can take years to pay off a loan with a high balance. Traditional loans are designed to be paid off over many years. Their minimum payments are advertised as “comfortable” and dependent upon your income, but most are set up to get the maximum amount of money from the borrower over time. Spending less time paying off a loan is obviously the best answer to spending the least on a loan, but the way the traditional loan payment is set up allows people to forget to pay extra on their monthly payments, pay the minimum amount due, and ultimately extend the period of time they spend paying back their loan.

Loan options from buy here pay here car lots are set up to be repaid in the quickest possible time. This not only allows you to repair your credit quickly, but it also allows you to spend less over time. The trick is understanding that you will pay larger monthly payments than with a traditional loan. Because the fees are based on your income, however, the monthly payment amounts will not be more than you can pay. Buy here pay here car dealers, like Auto Now, are committed to providing the best deals to their customers.If you got to this page by typing “buy here pay here car near me,” look no further. Auto Now has been a Kansas City staple, helping all Kansas City residents get the cars they need regardless of their credit history. If you live near 79th and Wornall in Kansas City, stop by to get started on getting the new-to-you car you deserve. Even save some time by applying online or browsing our selection of vehicles before you come in. Don’t give up on your search for a quality used car – visit Auto Now and see how you can benefit from a buy here pay here dealership.