Don’t Think a New Car is Right For You? We Can Help

January 25th, 2019 by

On average, a person owns upwards of 13 cars in their lifetime. That’s great news for our team at Auto Now in Independence, Missouri, but for the average person, that can seem like quite the expense. If those cars were brand new, we would be talking about a lot of money being tossed out the door due to depreciation. New cars being driven off the lot can lose upwards of 50% of their value within one minute of being driven off the dealership lot. Not to mention wear and tear after the first year of ownership and you’re talking a significant amount of money that you will never see a return on.

Forget the used car stigma

Years ago, there use to be some truth to the consequences of buying a used car. They would come broken or with continual problems. However, as time progresses so to does the technology and innovation in vehicles. In fact, cars today have never been more reliable. While all cars require maintenance, cars today are driven much further for longer before needing a scheduled maintenance.


When you are thinking about buying a vehicle, whether new or used, there are a lot of factors to take into account besides financing. From cost of gas and gas mileage to maintenance and changing the oil every couple months or few thousand miles, owning and operating a car is an expense and an investment. Part of that expense is having car insurance. When thinking about buying a new or used vehicle, car insurance can play a significant role and have an effect on your monthly budget. When a vehicle costs less to own, it costs less to insure.

What is missing

Buying a new car has its advantages. For instance, you know exactly what the car has been through and you don’t have to track down a vehicle history report like you would a used car. There would not be any guessing games as to whether the previous owner took care of the vehicle and brought it in for regularly scheduled services or not. Another benefit of a new car is the technology in safety and amenities that won’t be seen on the used market for a few years and by that point, they could be obsolete. However, when thinking about a new car besides getting hit on depreciation, there is also a lot of information missing from the car. For instance, a new car make or model may not have the same number of resources and reviews to read because it is in fact so new there have not been many owners. In addition, it takes time to realize flaws or trending issues with a particular vehicle.

Their pain, your gain

You’re not being vindictive when you set out to buy a used car at the Independence Auto Now buy here pay here dealership. In fact, you are just being smart by not taking the initial depreciation hit on a new vehicle. Waiting until a new make or model has gone through its growing pains before making an investment is also being smart and understanding the limited resources available for such a large decision. While new technology adds a significant amount to a new vehicle, by the time it is on the market as a used vehicle, the same value is not placed on that same technology. Using our online inventory tool, customers are able to browse over 500 used cars in our inventory, using a filter to narrow down to your specific needs.

Other savings when buying used

From the price of the car and depreciation to car insurance, when buying a used car from our Independence buy here pay here Auto Now lot the savings do not just end there. A used car which costs less than a new car means that your sales tax and registration is also cheaper. In some states where registration fees can be expensive, this could be a significant savings over the life of your vehicle.

If you are in the market for a new-to-you car, remember that it does not always mean it has to be a new vehicle. In fact, more people today are buying used vehicles than ever before based on the quality of the used vehicle as well as the affordability and reliability. As a family owned dealership with over 20 years in the business, Auto Now and our 6 locations from Independence to other parts of Missouri and into Kansas, have worked with members of the community who may not have the best credit or who may have financial hardships in their past. With an inventory of over 500 vehicles and our car buying process all under one roof, we are able to help people get the car they love and can afford.

Many conventional and traditional dealerships start with customers shopping for a car they like. From there, they attempt to negotiate a price to get the customer into the car and on the road. However, at Auto Now and through our buy here pay here program, we start the buying process discussing finances first, that way we know what a customer can afford and what the needs of the customer are. By approaching it this way, it allows Auto Now to tailor the loan to the customer’s need and income, keeping the vehicle affordable. At the end of the day, the decision to purchase a vehicle either new or used is up to you, the customer. Our experienced team is ready to help and with the process under one roof, the same people help you from start to finish. From Kansas to Independence and other parts of Missouri, our team works hard to find people a reliable and affordable car they can take pride in. Come swing by our lot today to talk with our staff or apply for our loan pre-approval online.