Can I Get a Truck With Poor Credit?

March 6th, 2020 by

America continues its love affair with the truck, as drivers recognize the many benefits of owning a larger vehicle. Even though auto sales over the past few years have been stagnant or dropped, pickup trucks have been selling even better. The percentage of the market that pickup trucks make up has grown year-on-year, and the types of people who are buying them have widened.

Today’s pickup trucks are more comfortable, safer, economical, and family-friendly than ever before.

Should You Buy That Pickup Truck for Sale?

Pickup trucks are without a doubt the most versatile type of vehicle on the road. As many drivers realize, as soon as you own a pickup truck, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. When you need to haul a piece of furniture back from the store, your truck has your back. Want to head out into the hills for a weekend adventure? You’ve got loads of room in your pickup. Need to move home or transport a trailer of goods? Your pickup truck’s engine is ready to tow a heavy load. Even just loading up groceries or carrying tools is made better because you’ve got the space to do it.

Another reason to choose a pickup truck is for safety reasons. There’s no doubt that the size of a pickup truck makes it the safer place to be in the event of a collision. All of the trucks you can buy using Buy Here Pay Here truck financing at Auto Now in Belton will have been built within the last decade, meaning they’re all chock full of active and passive safety features that keep you and your companions safe from harm.

Though not often mentioned on the list of reasons to buy a pickup truck, many people buy one because of the way it makes them feel to drive. If you’ve never driven a truck before, try renting one for a weekend and see how people can treat you differently when you roll up in a truck.

If you’re thinking of avoiding trucks because you like luxury, be advised that trucks are now some of the most luxurious vehicles on the road if they’re equipped as such. Take a test drive of a Buy Here Pay Here truck in Belton and you’ll feel as right at home as you feel sitting on your couch!

But Trucks Are Expensive! How Can I Buy One?

Correction — new trucks are expensive. The extra price you pay to be the first person to drive a truck is significant, and for most people, it’s not worth it. Instead, be the second or third owner of a truck. You’ll get the same truck but it’ll cost up to 75% less than the original price!

Ah, but doesn’t that mean the truck could have mechanical issues as it’s been on the road for a while? Well, it’s very unlikely. For one, trucks are really built to last these days. If you bought a used truck for sale in Belton a few decades ago, you might have avoided any that were on offer that had over 100,000 miles on the clock, for example. Nowadays, 100,000 miles isn’t a scary number to see on an odometer. The advances in engine design, oil, and lubricants have meant that vehicles are virtually indestructible as long as the ongoing maintenance has been performed.

Of course, a truck is still not something that most people are able to go out and slap down the cash for in one sitting. Almost everyone on the road in a truck in Belton bought his or her truck through financing, paying it bit by bit over a number of years.

You may be saying — that’s OK for Belton residents with good credit scores, but what if I can’t get a loan from the bank because of my poor credit score? This is a problem that a large percentage of Kansas and Missouri residents face. Banks do not want to lend money to people with poor credit scores, as they perceive this to be high risk.

The easiest way for a person with a poor credit score to buy a truck with financing is to choose a Buy Here Pay Here dealership that offers in-house financing.

Buy Here Pay Here Trucks for Sale

Many Buy Here Pay Here dealerships like Auto Now specialize in bad credit car financing. We don’t perform a credit check at all when deciding whether to lend money to a buyer so they can purchase a truck in Belton.

If you’re earning over $1,200 per month after tax, you have a full driver’s license, and you’re over the age of 18, then we’ll almost certainly going to be able to offer you an auto loan for the purchase of a truck.

We have a wide selection of trucks for sale in Belton and across our other five locations in Kansas and Missouri. These range from nearly new trucks with just a few miles on the clock to trucks that have been on the road for a few years but are in perfect working condition. Every truck for sale comes with a warranty that protects for two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

The down payment on our trucks for sale in Belton starts at just $99.

Poor Credit Truck Financing in Belton

For the fastest way to see how much you can borrow from Auto Now, fill in your details on our site. Then you can browse all the trucks available at our Belton branch or any of our other in-financing branches in Kansas City and Missouri to see which you can afford and which best suits your needs. All that’s left is to come into the showroom, show us proof of earnings, optionally take a test drive, and drive away in your new truck! Repayments of your loan will be made directly to us, so it’s even simpler than at a traditional dealership.