Auto Now Offers Used Car Financing with Low Down Payments

December 20th, 2019 by

In the world of Buy Here Pay Here auto dealerships in Independence, Auto Now stands out for a commitment to quality. We take the time to help our customers. It is about putting the right customer with the right car and not overextending their finances. Auto Now has a quality service that is needed in the day of the overwhelming interest rates and predatory loans.

Where is a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot in Independence?

One of the most frustrating things about trying to buy a car in Independence is finding one that is perfect only to discover that it is at a dealership a county or more away. That isn’t an issue when it comes to Auto Now. We have six locations to make the car buying process as painless as possible. Our website shows the inventory of each lot. This makes the process of finding a car in the right area a breeze. Directions and contact info are simple to find these links, not tucked away like a treasure hunt on other car-buying sites.

What Types of Vehicle are available at a Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot?

A common source of stress when looking for a used vehicle is finding something of quality in the right price range. At Auto Now, there is a bevy of vehicles from which to choose. It isn’t limited to the bygone days of rust buckets and old farm trucks. Each of these cars, trucks, and SUVs is a quality machine that will carry their owners where they need to go.

A vehicle’s history is always a concern when thinking about purchasing a used one. One never knows at first if this was a car with only one owner or if it is something that has been through a flood and simply cleaned up to be presentable. Auto Now takes the time to source our vehicles from dealer trade-ins and reputable auto auctions.

After the car is purchased by Auto Now, we take the time to make sure that it is safe for our customers. A detailed and in-depth inspection takes place for every vehicle. If it isn’t something that is safe for the customer, Auto Now doesn’t even let it hit the lot.

Another benefit of becoming an Auto Now customer is the number of cars from which to choose. There are over 500 listed between all the sites and cars can be transferred to the location of the customer’s choice. Customer service reps are there to make sure the needs of the customer are met in the vehicle they end up with. With a seemingly endless inventory of makes, models, prices, and features, there is no reason not to find your dream vehicle in that list.

Can I Find Used Car Financing in Independence Online?

A common ailment that Buy Here Pay Here sites suffer from is a dated layout and tech. That just isn’t the case with the Auto Now site. Each link is fully functional as well as leading the customer to the right place and not some endless loop of badly set up hyperlinks. Car information is laid out in clear concise terms with plenty of pictures and any additional information that one could want.

For those that might not have the time to stop into the lot until it is time for a test drive, Auto Now makes it easy to find a vehicle. The application for the cars can be processed right on the website. Gone are the days of needing to show up at the dealership with stacks of paperwork in hand. After getting approval on the application, it is good for up to 30 days so fitting the car buying experience around any schedule becomes a breeze. Test drives can even be scheduled online to make the car buying as painless as possible.

When it comes to making a payment, there is this unspoken thought of having to pull cash from the bank and drive to the location where the car was purchased to make the payment on time. Auto Now streamlines that dated process by offering an online payment option. No more worrying if the payment is going to be late just hop on the site and a few clicks later it is all taken care of.

Does Auto Now Offer a Warranty on Used Vehicles?

One of the scariest things about buying a used car is that it is going to rattle apart a few miles down the road and nothing will be left but the payments and regret. Auto Now alleviates this fear by offering a fantastic warranty on their vehicles. Each of the vehicles on the lot is covered by a 24-month or 24,000-mile warranty. That isn’t even the best part of all of this. Say the car breaks down and the warranty is active. The most the owner is going to have to pay to fix this car is $200. For a used car dealership to put that kind of warranty on their products lets everyone know they stand behind the vehicles they are selling.

Everyone has either run into credit problems of his or her own or knows someone who has. The hardest thing to do when bad credit luck strikes is to buy a car even though that is a necessity in this day and age. Auto Now Buy Here Pay Here car lot gives consumers an option that not only puts them in a safe and reliable vehicle but also rebuilds their credit at the same time. We are giving families options for transportation that they might not have thought they had.

Your Independence Used Car Dealership

Check user reviews of Auto Now and you’ll see why we’re proud of our work helping people who may have been turned away for a loan at a bank get financing for a new ride. Auto Now is waiting for your call, so browse our vehicles and find the right car for you and your family’s needs.