Auto Now Offers a Huge Selection of Buy Here Pay Here Cars

May 3rd, 2019 by

Imagine this: you’ve gone through a week’s worth of research on all the banks and credit unions you plan on applying for a loan for a car with. You’ve got a pretty well-sized down payment in your bank, and you’re ready to get a car. You apply for a loan, and you get prepared to go to look at a used car lot with your dad. Your dad swears that he can get you a good deal on a car and that he knows the guy who owns the lot. When you show up, however, you find to your horror that the “lot” is little more than the run-down front yard of a random guy’s house where a handful of junky-looking cars now sit. The “dealer” is an old pal of your dad’s who your dad trusts a little too much, and this “dealer” tries to convince you to purchase one of the three older-looking sedans he has in his possession. Your dad, nodding his head in approval, is also pressuring you to pick a car you don’t like. You tell them you have to think about it, and you go home feeling downtrodden. To top it all off, the bank you applied to for a loan calls the next day and says that because of your credit, you’ve been denied.

This scenario is a lot more familiar than most people would like to believe- dads often want to help too much, and sometimes our options look bleak even after our best efforts. The average American household holds over $8,000 in credit card debt – and this doesn’t even factor in educational loans, home loans, and all the other forms that debt takes on. All this adds up to more than just a hefty monthly payment. It also means a load of lower credit scores all across the nation, and that can impact the ability for you to make necessary purchases on large items you need to survive, like housing and transportation.

Don’t settle for front-yard cars sold by your dad’s friend, and don’t let your past credit issues impact your ability to buy a great car. Auto Now offers a wide variety of buy here pay here cars at prices that everyone can afford.

We Want Our Customers To Feel Seen

Too often do big businesses forget about customers. This can be abundantly seen in the credit industry, one that turns customers into numbers without taking into account their genuine and very unique needs. A credit score doesn’t tell how many on-time payments you made, nor does it tell you how trustworthy of a person you are. It certainly doesn’t show a potential lender how much you make at your job. Otherwise, they would not ask for income verification at the time of application. We know the toll that this mindset takes upon potential loan customers, and that is why we do our very best to make the application process unique to your situation.

When a customer comes into Auto Now in Topeka, Kansas, they will be greeted by a salesperson. This salesperson is not only knowledgeable in automobiles but is knowledgeable in buy here pay here financing. They sit down and help you fill out your application, or they go over your application with you if you filled it out online. Your application looks over your personal financial obligations, which is one of the essential parts of this process. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions do not take into account monthly expenses like rent, healthcare, and all the other things that are necessary to pay for as an adult. These things help factor into the final amount that we offer you as a loan, which allows you to not only find a loan that works with your monthly paycheck but also with your lifestyle.

We Guarantee You’ll Be Able to Find a Car You Like Here

Once we help you determine how much we can lend to you based on your financial situation, we get to work helping you find a car. Used car lots are notorious for sometimes having an eclectic mix of vehicles, which can put some car shoppers off. However, one of the ways that Auto Now can provide a wide array of quality used cars is through our multiple locations. With locations in both Kansas and Missouri, we get a vast selection of used vehicles that come through our sites. These used cars are available for all our customers, and you can browse the collection before coming in to see what they have that you might like.

Also true with used car lots is that the chance you will find the exact make, model, year, and color car that you want the most is pretty slim. However, it might be that you find a vehicle on the lot that you like even better with the help of a salesperson. The folks at all our Auto Now locations are knowledgeable and able to help guide you with your purchase. If you have a car that you love that we don’t have in stock, they might suggest others that have similar capabilities. However, the final choice is ultimately yours. If you want to wait until we get a car you really love in stock, you can put your name in our database, and we will notify you when it comes in. However, with over one hundred vehicles at our Topeka site alone, we doubt that you will be able to leave without finding a car that you love.

If you’re ready to purchase your next car, now is the time to do it! Our inventory is enormous, and we have nearly one hundred and twenty different vehicles ready for you to look at and test drive. We have cars as new as 2016 and all of them at great, affordable prices. Don’t worry if you have credit issues, a time limit, or just a sense of curiosity and are not sure you even want to purchase another vehicle yet. Auto Now of Topeka, Kansas can steer you in the right direction and help you find your next car. Apply online or contact us today for more information.