Auto Now Is the Right Choice to Get You In a Great Car in the KC Area

January 24th, 2019 by

Google buy here pay here car lot near me and you may have a long list of dealerships depending on your location. But if you are looking for a dealership that offers buy here pay here in Kansas City, and the Belton area, look no further. Auto Now of Belton and the greater Kansas City area is the only choice if you are in the market for a used car. Why?

  1. Our inventory of over 500 vehicles
  2. We work with you on what you can afford
  3. We want to know your needs
  4. We encourage researching and reading reviews
  5. We care about you and your car-buying expectations
  6. Auto Now will help you build your credit
  7. We’re a one-stop-shop

Auto Now has an extensive inventory

Our inventory is spread across Missouri and Kansas and is accessible online through our online platform. From this platform, you can search everything you can think of when looking for a car. From the make and model to the maximum price, photographs of the vehicle to gas mileage. The filter helps to minimize the number of options and narrow those options down to what you are specifically looking for in a vehicle.

What can you afford

Nobody really enjoys talking about expenses and budgets. There are probably a few people, but most shy away from this. However, when buying a car or pretty much at any point in life, knowing and understanding a budget is a very important aspect to functioning every day. We need to know how much money we have when we buy groceries, we should know how much money we can spend each month on a vehicle and its related expenses. Knowing what you can afford should be the first step in the buying process. Part of this step is applying for pre-approval of financing to know what you can afford.

What do you need

Once you have figured out your budget, begin to figure out your needs. If you commute to work a long distance, you will probably be in the market for a different vehicle that would be primarily used around town to haul equipment. If you are single, you probably do not need that same minivan you would if you have a large family who travels. At Auto Now, it is important to know what you are looking for and how we can help you find your best vehicle in our inventory.

We encourage research and reading reviews

First you have figured out your budget and next, your needs. Now you are all set to learn more about the vehicles within your price range and what they offer in terms of practical function, comfort, and efficiency, among others. Compare and contrast different makes and models and put them side by side. One huge benefit of buying a used vehicle at Auto Now is you are able to filter resulting through our online inventory, but you are also able to research the type of vehicle because they are not brand new. Because of this, information and reviews are readily available in various places online. That’s a great thing for buying a used vehicle. What reviews mean is there is a chance that someone else has experienced something relating to the vehicle, pros or cons, and they have decided to share it with potential owners or current owners.

We care about you and your car-buying expectations

Car buying should not take a long time, especially if you have an experienced staff member like the team at Auto Now in Belton. It should be a fast and simple process to find a vehicle that is right for you and that you can afford. Financing should be hassle-free and at Auto Now, it is. With our huge selection of high-quality vehicles, we are able to put you in the perfect car that fits your budget in no time. Not only that, but with our limited warranty, we will send you on your way and off the lot with peace of mind that your used vehicle is covered. For every vehicle we get in and put on our lot, our independent and professional mechanic screens and goes through an inspection process to be sure it is ready to sell. As a family owned business in Missouri and Kansas, our customer’s expectations and experience is vital to our operation.

We will help you build your credit

Have you had issues in the past paying your bills on time? Are you finally at a place where you are ready to move forward but lack the credit score to receive necessary financial assistance to do so? At Auto Now, we believe in second chances as well as the idea that everyone should have access to reliable and affordable transportation. By working with us and our online payment portal, you are able to set up automatic payments and come up with a payment plan that fits within your schedule. Paying off a loan for a vehicle is one way to build credit and repair damaged credit from a past financial hiccup. Working to repair your credit now will set you up for financial independence and health down the road.


Have we mentioned that everything at Auto Now takes place under one roof? From our pre-approval and financing to our inventory to our payments throughout the life of the loan, every aspect of the car buying experience takes place under one roof and is overseen by the same experienced professional from start to finish. Our team at Auto Now in Belton works hard to keep the buy here pay here financing available to anyone and everyone in the community who may need that additional support or second chance with their finances.

Think you are in the market for a used vehicle in Kansas or Missouri? Come in today and meet with one of our team members!