Top 5 Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Financing  Nov 5th, 2018 

Top 5 Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Financing

When looking for a vehicle many things are taken into consideration. You can purchase a vehicle from a dealership or from a person privately, but what about financing?

Many people are capable of paying and making payments for a vehicle but do not have the credit history to do so. buy here pay here financing for vehicles in Topeka allows people looking to purchase a vehicle options that are not offered at regular dealerships or from buying from a private seller. These benefits include getting more for trade-ins, guaranteed financing, credit building, one-stop shopping, and getting a reliable vehicle.

Better Trade-in Values

Car dealerships need cars to sell. Dealerships do not have an endless amount of vehicles to sell. This is a great advantage to buying at a dealership that finances their own vehicles. Because the dealership does their own financing, they are able to work with the numbers to get you the best value for a trade-in. They are going to be looking for new vehicles that they can turn around and finance, and as the buyer, you want to get the most out of the vehicle you are looking to trade in. Because of this, a buy here pay here dealership has more flexibility over trade-in values compared to a regular dealership or self-seller that doesn’t take trade-ins at all. It allows you as the buyer the ability to negotiate more and gives you the ability to get the deal you need to make a purchase you need.

Guaranteed Financing

Think of one thing that prevents people from purchasing a new or used vehicle. What is the first thing that comes to mind? A person needs to be able to finance the vehicle to make a purchase. Without a bank that is willing to finance the vehicle for the buyer, there is no sale. What is more embarrassing than going to a car dealership or bank, asking for a loan, and being told, sorry you don’t qualify?

Alternatively, you could be in desperate need of a vehicle and feel like there are no options because you can’t get a loan.

This is another benefit of purchasing from a buy here pay here auto dealership. You are guaranteed financing. Regardless of your credit history, you don’t have to go through strict credit checks and applications to get credit to buy the car. If you go to the dealership with the intention of buying a vehicle, you will leave with a vehicle. No denials or being told sorry we can’t help you.

If you know you are going to have an issue at a regular bank then you can skip the multiple credit checks from multiple banks. You can go to one place and get the financing you need, guaranteed, regardless of past credit history.

Credit Building and Teaching Responsibility

You have problems paying your bills. You need a vehicle to get to work, and you need someone to give you a chance to build your credit so you can have further opportunities in the future.

Paying off a loan is a great way for building credit and repairing credit that is bad. In addition, most dealerships that offer financing are going to require payments every other week or monthly, making sure that a payment is received regularly for the vehicle. This teaches buyers how to be responsible with their money and make good financial decisions.

If you need to have a vehicle, then you need to make the payments. Learning financial responsibility and credit building is only going to allow for more opportunities to get credit and have good credit in the future. In that sense, as a buyer, you not only get the benefit of obtaining a car that is needed but also the benefit of building better credit for the future.

One-Stop Shopping

What is the normal process people take when purchasing a vehicle? Some people go to the bank first to get a loan. Others go pick out a vehicle and then go to get the financing they need, often times running into issues with either getting the financing once the vehicle is picked out or finding a vehicle for the amount of financing you are offered.

Another problem buyers face is that once they find a vehicle they want is that the payments are too much monthly.

How great would it be as a buyer, to go to a dealership, find vehicles within your price range, secure financing easily, and then leave with the vehicle? You don’t have to go to multiple places. You don’t have to decide and then be forced to choose something else based on a monthly payment.

One thing that buy here pay here car dealerships offer is the ability to one-stop shop. You go there you pick out your car and you leave with your car. One-stop shopping is a great benefit you get from buy here pay here car dealerships.

Reliable Vehicles

The last benefit that there is for purchasing from a buy here pay here car dealership is the guarantee that you get a vehicle that is reliable. If you buy a vehicle from a normal car dealership, you have no guarantee that the vehicle will be reliable. However, buying a vehicle from a dealership that finances the vehicle themselves, they are going to guarantee the car runs. If the car isn’t running then they cannot make their money.

Most dealerships with buy here pay here financing offer extended warranties for vehicles. They want to put someone in a vehicle that they are going to pay for and that is going to be running.

Exemplary buy here pay here dealerships in Kansas and Missouri like Auto Now offer two-year warranties on the vehicles we sell – at no extra charge! Talk to us today about getting yourself into an excellent used vehicle at Auto Now.

Take a Look at the Great Vehicles We Offer at Auto Now  Nov 5th, 2018 

Take a Look at the Great Vehicles We Offer at Auto Now

If you are looking for a great vehicle, you must check out an Auto Now dealership in the Topeka area. Auto Now has a large inventory of vehicles to look at online or at our Topeka location. Auto Now has been selling quality vehicles for over twenty years to help individuals just like you buy cars.

Why Buy From Auto Now?

Customers come to Auto Now for their auto purchases when they have credit problems from their past that result in denials from loans at traditional lenders. At Auto Now, we know credit problems can happen to good people. At buy here pay here dealerships, we can help put you in a vehicle of your choice no matter what type of credit troubles you have had in the past.

Our process is simple, pick out your car, complete the application, sign your contract, and drive away the same day. Our dealership associates will help you determine the car payment that fits your situation. We guarantee a hassle-free and headache-free car buying experience at our used car dealerships in Kansas and Missouri.

Are Auto Now Vehicles Safe?

Auto Now vehicles come from car auctions or other auto dealerships. The vehicles go through a comprehensive inspection from a local and qualified mechanic. All vehicles deemed unsafe or unsound are returned to the seller.

We are so confident in the quality of our vehicles that we offer them with a 24-month 24,000-mile warranty! That should put your mind at ease immediately, knowing that you’ll get almost as good a warranty coverage as you would get from buying a new car. You won’t get this if you buy a car on the private market, so it’s another reason why Auto Now cars are a smart buy.

Advantages to Using Auto Now

Auto Now has an easy application process. We accept all credit types, we provide faster approval times, and we will give you potentially lower rates. You will begin to rebuild your credit history by making timely payments. You must be 18 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and earn at least $1,200 a month after taxes. You will find a large selection of new and used vehicles to choose from online or at one of their many area locations. Auto Now also pays top dollar for trade-ins. You will receive a warranty on your vehicle and you can enjoy the ease of making your payments online.

Auto Now Application Process

The whole process can begin online with making your car selection and starting the credit application. Auto Now credit applications require basic details such as name, address, social security number, place of employment, and earnings each month. Your application can be approved within ten minutes. You may be asked to provide a reference, but you will find this is one of the easiest and quickest car-buying experience in the industry.

Car Ownership Affordable to All

We are proud of what we achieve at Auto Now.

Buy Here Buy Now makes car ownership possible for anyone who has experienced credit problems. Car ownership is essential in so many areas of our community that lack access to public transportation. For some residents, it is impossible to maintain employment without a vehicle. For some senior citizens, everyday activities, doctor appointments, or grocery shopping can be challenging if you do not have access to a vehicle. For young single parents, it can be challenging to get to the daycare, their children’s schools and then to a job if you do not have access to a car.

Nothing is more frustrating than to see an auto dealership advertisement with zero percent down or zero percent interest payments for a new car and then finding out that you do not qualify due to past credit history problems.

At Auto Now dealerships, we can help you find and buy the car of your choice. We make car ownership affordable for everybody. We are able to help people maintain employment, find employment, keep medical appointments, do their grocery shopping, or to just get out of the house. Everybody deserves reliable transportation.

Auto Now has made shopping for a car very easy and quick for the customer. The whole process can be completed online. The large selection of inventory can be previewed online. Once the selection is made, you can apply for the loan online, and receive an approval within hours without ever leaving the comfort of your home. This definitely appeals to the new generation of shoppers.

This one-stop and simplified process makes shopping easy for credit challenged car buyers. Come take a look at the wide range of great cars you can get at Auto Now today.

Learn How Buy Here Pay Here In Kansas City Can Benefit You  Nov 5th, 2018 

Learn How Buy Here Pay Here In Kansas City Can Benefit You

What Does Buy Here Pay Here Mean?

When consumers purchase a vehicle through a traditional auto dealership, the loan is funded through a finance company that lends money to buyers based on their creditworthiness. A buy here pay here auto dealership cuts out the finance companies and intermediaries and finances the vehicle purchase itself, in-house.

Some traditional auto dealerships have started to see the value in offering buy here pay here financing options to clients but the best deals are usually found with companies like ours who have a focus on helping consumers with credit issues find a car and purchasing options that work best for them. Even customers without credit problems should consider purchasing a vehicle through a buy here pay here dealership to get a great deal on a certified pre-owned vehicle.

So, here are six reasons why consumers should consider a buy here pay here dealership before buying their next vehicle.

The Law is on the Consumer’s Side

Since buy here pay here dealerships are also financial institutions there are stricter laws that they have to abide by then a traditional dealership. If they were to fail to follow these state and federal laws, they would be shut down.

One example of laws protecting buyers is the Truth in Lending Act or TILA, which requires the dealer and/or the financer to disclose all pertinent information to the buyer so that they can shop around for the best deal. This includes the full amount to be financed and the full and final cash price.


There is also State Usury Laws, which caps the interest rates that businesses can charge on loans, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, which protects consumers from unfair credit reporting, and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, which outlines the ways companies, can go about collecting debts.

Pro tip - When consumers find a car they like, they should always make sure to ask the dealer for a complimentary CARFAX report.

In-House Financing

Buy here pay here dealerships will work with anyone regardless of their credit history. Since all of their financing is done in-house, they have options consumers won’t find elsewhere and they are determined to work with consumers to find a deal that is satisfactory for every person and situation. Their goal is to get these buyers the car they need regardless of their credit score. As long as they have a valid home address and a provable steady income, consumers are almost always guaranteed financing approval.

Another benefit is that the dealer can set up a payment schedule that is weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. Since consumers are working directly with the financier, they can usually set up payment due dates in conjunction with buyers paydays to make paying on time that much easier. This will also help consumers to boost or build their credit score for the future. With on-time payments, consumers will quickly see a positive impact on their credit rating.

With buy here pay here car lots like Auto Now at 79th and Wornall in Kansas City, buyers make all of their payments directly to the dealership meaning they can pay in person or online. This is just another way that a buy here pay here car lot gives them more options that fit their busy lifestyles.

Help with Down Payments

BHPH dealers are usually more willing than traditional dealerships to take a buyer’s used or beat-up vehicle as a total or partial down payment on a new car. This can save consumers a ton of cash up front, as they won’t need as much of a down payment!

The Focus Is on Consumers

Shopping with a buy here pay here dealership is different from shopping with a traditional dealer. Instead of shopping around for months for a perfect car at a traditional dealership only to find out later that they can’t get financing for it, a BHPH specialist will sit down with the buyer and determine how much of a loan they qualify for and how much of a down payment they will need before starting the process of shopping for the right car. They will also consider any trade-ins that buyers have at this time. Armed with this information, consumers can choose the financing that works within their budget and choose the vehicle within that budget that works best for them and their family. There is no time wasted looking at vehicles only to find out later that they simply are not right for buyer’s needs.

Amazing Customer Service from Well Trained Professionals

BHPH sales agents are highly trained and knowledgeable about vehicles, financing options, interest rates, and warranties. With their diverse backgrounds and educations, these knowledgeable staff members can help buyers find the car or truck that is right for them.

Buy here pay here dealerships recognize that car buyers are more than a credit score. Since many of the highly trained sales agents working at these dealerships live in similar situations as their customers, they are able to look beyond a number and see the hard-working person instead. This means these sales agents and specialists recognize the need for a reliable vehicle to get consumers to work, to safely get their kids to school and practices and to keep them safe on all of their road trip adventures. These sales agents work hard to help clients find the best deals possible while creating business relationships that will last for years to come. So, instead of being treated like a number on a screen, buyers should check out a local buy here pay here auto dealership and let them find the right car for them based on their budget and ability to pay.

What Does It Mean to Finance Your Vehicle Through a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer?  Nov 5th, 2018 

What Does It Mean to Finance Your Vehicle Through a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer?

There are several benefits to buying your next car from your local buy here pay here automobile dealership. These dealerships often compensate for the smaller selection with limited warranties and excellent customer service. Customer service is a top priority to keep you coming back as a customer. buy here pay here automobile dealerships can range in size. Some buy here pay here dealerships are very small while others are huge and have a great selection of used cars and trucks. Word of mouth is a good way to find a fair buy here pay here dealer that offers great incentives. Here are just a few of the advantages of buying your next car from a buy here pay here car lot.


The number one benefit of a buy here pay here automobile dealership is on-site financing. There is a common misconception that buy here pay here automobile dealerships charge 30-40% interest but that is not at all true. For most consumers, the interest rate is between 15-20% all depending on your credit. Personal credit history is another reason why people will use buy here pay here financing. These dealerships will accept all credit statuses. Whether your credit is good or somewhat questionable you are generally able to work out a financing deal on-site at a buy here pay here automotive dealership. Even those who have been forced to go through bankruptcy or who have had a repossession on their credit are able to get financing through a buy here pay here company in Kansas and Missouri. Cash buyers can get a good deal on a used car at a buy here pay here business. With cash leverage, you have more room for negotiation.

Build Your Credit

A buy here pay here automobile dealership can help you build and restore your personal credit score. Making monthly or weekly payments on time can help build up a low credit score. Paying every payment and paying off the vehicle is a good boost to your credit and shows new creditors that you can be trusted with credit. Increasing your credit score will help your future financed purchases have a lower interest rate, which can save you thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.

Easy Payment Options

A buy here pay here automobile dealership will work with you to find a payment schedule that fits your lifestyle. Some buy here pay here dealerships will offer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments. You can make your payment yourself in person or by mail or have it automatically debited from your account as a recurring charge.


Most buy here pay here automobile dealerships will offer you top dollar on a trade-in vehicle. Many people like to trade in an old vehicle when buying a new used vehicle and use that money as a down payment. Your local buy here pay here dealer will thoroughly examine your old vehicle and make you an offer to buy it from you. The appraisal is generally good for 5-7 days depending on the dealership so you don’t have to make a decision right away. Whether you have a down payment or not, a buy here pay here automobile dealership wants your business and we try to make your experience as easy and painless as possible. Even if you’re not in the market for a new vehicle, a buy here pay here lot is interested in buying your car. Excellent condition and low miles can increase the purchase offer.

Quality Inspections

Most people are in the market for a new car because their old vehicle has become unreliable or is on its last leg. You can rest assured that the vehicles found at a buy here pay here automobile dealership have been fully tested and inspected prior to hitting the lot. The technicians take great care in making sure they are putting a well maintained, quality vehicle on the car lot. Any repairs or services done to the vehicles are up to code with the manufacturer’s guidelines. No one wants to sell a lemon because you won’t be making the payments!

Some buy here pay here automobile dealerships go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with your vehicle. There are some buy here pay here automobile dealerships that put each vehicle through a multi-point quality inspection, verifying that everything from gaskets, hoses, and belts to transmission and engine are thoroughly inspected for any issues.

Most buy here pay here automobile dealerships will also provide you with a free CARFAX report. These reports can tell you if the vehicle you’re about to buy has been in any serious accidents or in a flood.

Limited Warranty

It’s also common to be able to get a limited warranty such as six months or 6,000 miles to cover any unexpected problems. Once you find the buy here pay here automobile dealership you can get the best deal with, be sure to get everything in writing.

Anyone who is in the market for a new vehicle should look into buying his or her next car, truck, or van from his or her local buy here pay here automobile dealership. Many of these dealerships have a reasonable selection and reasonable prices. In addition, if you like to negotiate you will have an easier time finding a fair deal at your local buy here pay here automobile dealership. With lower overhead expenses, a buy here pay here automobile dealership may just be the best negotiation table in town. No matter what your credit situation is, you can be driving a better more reliable vehicle today with the help of your local buy here pay here dealer in Kansas and Missouri.

Things to Know Before Purchasing a Vehicle from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership  Nov 5th, 2018 

Things to Know Before Purchasing a Vehicle from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

Know the Advantages

How does a buy here pay here dealership in Independence operate?

A buy here pay here dealership can be an incredibly viable solution when you need to purchase a used vehicle. A buy here pay here dealership is different from a traditional dealership for numerous reasons. A buy here pay here car lot has the means to finance a loan to buyers without using and involving any external third-party banks, lenders, or financial institutions.

The primary advantage to a dealership financing in this manner is that conventional lenders and financial institutions have an extraordinarily high barred standard concerning credit history, income, employment history, and debt, that any flexibility regarding these requirements is virtually nonexistent. A buy here pay here dealership caters to a much larger group of people because of the formidable flexibility they offer when financing their vehicles. Not only is the flexibility within the requirements to finance a vehicle, but it also means that there is great flexibility with how much of a down payment is required as well. A conventional dealership is relentlessly firm in the percentage of the principle that they require down on the vehicle, whereas at a buy here pay here dealership, this percentage is flexible and is calculated on an individual case-by-case basis.

Another great advantage of a buy here pay here dealership is that they can help you build up your credit by frequently reporting to the credit bureau’s on a regular basis. The high frequency of this can positively influence your credit score faster than a loan from a conventional lender would.

Crunch Your Numbers

Prior to visiting a buy here pay here dealer to purchase a vehicle, there are several things that you will want to gather and work out on your own ahead of time. This will make the purchasing process quicker by knowing exactly what to expect from the dealer, and what the dealer will expect from you.

First and foremost, you need to take a look at your income and your regular occurring expenses to evaluate how much of a payment you can afford. The financing and purchasing process will run much smoother when you have an established a number that you are comfortable having as a payment and that you are certain you can afford consistently, taking unexpected expenses into account.

The next step you will want to take before purchasing with a buy here pay here dealer in Independence, Mo is where your credit rating stands. When it comes to credit, there are numerous facets that determine how high or low that number will be. It will be extremely helpful for you to be knowledgeable of what all your credit report consists of and the reasons behind it.

A conventional lender could not care less about why your credit history appears the way it does, and simply treats you and your credit rating as a number on a spreadsheet. At a buy here pay here dealership, you are speaking to the lender for your vehicle directly, upfront, and personal. It is because of this aspect that there is great flexibility. You are speaking with a person who has a brain and is capable of understanding at a buy here pay here dealership. Conventional dealerships that work with banks and third-party lenders are strictly firm and straightforward with your credit score number, and they use automated algorithms and calculations to obtain financing rather than an actual person you can speak to face-to-face.

After making your determination of what kind of payment you can comfortably afford and then familiarizing and informing yourself about not only your credit score but also your credit history and the reasoning behind it, the next number you want to crunch is your down payment amount. Since there are no set rules or regulations governing what amount of a down payment is required of buyers when purchasing at a buy here pay here dealership, each dealership is different and has their own methods in how they determine this.

You should expect to put money down on a vehicle, as the majority of buy here pay here dealerships do require something down and while they exist, no down payment deals are hard to come by. It is very important to consider that financially as a buyer, it makes much more sense for you to put more down then less. A bigger down payment reduces the term of your loan and it also reduces the amount of your monthly payment amount. While not every buyer has the means to put a good chunk of money down, it would benefit you in the long run to do so. That being said, again, because you are speaking with your lender directly face to face, and they are a person with a much bigger threshold of flexibility than a conventional lender or banks calculations and algorithms, this provides more options for a down payment then a traditional dealership would.

Prospect Your Preferences

Having gotten the finances squared away, you can move on to the vehicle itself. You want to get a general idea of what type of vehicle you prefer. How big is it? What is the ideal capacity? Which makes are dependable and which are not?

While you shouldn’t map out exact specifics all your ideal vehicles attributes, you want to have a baseline to start with. Most buy here pay here dealerships have a wide inventory that spans numerous makes, unlike a traditional dealership that has the majority of a single or a couple makes in their inventory. Use this to your advantage, as you have many more points to compare your choices because of the variety provided. Do your homework on used vehicles so you have this information handy when browsing the lot.

Another important attribute to note is that buy here pay here dealerships typically have warranties that you can get with your vehicle purchase. You should determine if this is of interest to you, and if so, what things you want to look for within the warranty and the term of the warranty. Some warranties offered by buy here pay here dealers encompass more than standard warranties you would get at a traditional dealership because you are working with used and pre-certified vehicles.

Advantages of Purchasing a Used Car over a New Car  Nov 5th, 2018 

Advantages of Purchasing a Used Car over a New Car

Dodge the Depreciation

When you purchase a brand new vehicle, it is inevitable that the very second you drive it off the dealership lot, it can depreciate up to thirty percent of its value. That alone puts you upside down in your new vehicle if you have financed the majority of the price of the car. Not only that, but the brand new car continues to depreciate over time, and after just the first year of owning your brand new vehicle, it has lost as much as forty percent of its value.

You do not face this fate when you purchased a used vehicle, as this only happens at the first sale of the car. When you have a vehicle that depreciates faster than you can pay off the loan for it, you will need to obtain GAP coverage, which is another payment you will need to obtain on top of the payment you already have incurred. GAP insurance is used in order to cover the ‘gap’ or difference when the loan amount is more than the actual value of your vehicle should your vehicle be totaled.

More Options and More Prices

Often, someone will take a liking to a particular model’s style just to see it be redesigned into a newer model. Attributes can be restructured and redesigned so that the newer year or year(s) of the vehicle no longer look like the older models. You will have a difficult time trying to track down a brand new car of a particular make and model of a specific year. When you buy a used vehicle, it is that much easier to find the exact make, model, and year that you desire, and many choices within that. If you think about it in terms of inventory, buying used has no end, because vehicles are constantly be resold, so the options from which to choose are endless.

In addition to the variety in vehicle choice, you also have the added advantage of a huge variety in the price you want to pay for a used vehicle when new vehicles typically are priced similarly with little variation and options. When you have a specific budget or credit issues, when you buy a used car you will not be pressured into paying more than you wish to the same way you would be pressured to do so when purchasing a new vehicle.

Another noteworthy point about money when it comes to purchasing new and used vehicles is the fees that come along with it. Typically, there are more extra hidden fees tacked on to a new car purchase at a traditional dealership then there are with a used vehicle from a smaller used car dealership or private party. Buying used can help you dodge those initial hidden fees that you are stuck with when you purchase a brand new vehicle.

You will have a greater span of flexibility in your choice of the condition of the vehicle when you buy a used vehicle. If you don’t have a problem with a few dents and scratches, you can find a killer deal on a used car. You also have the opportunity to fix minor cosmetic issues at a lower price point post-purchase then you would be paying in an increased price for the car after the minor cosmetic repairs have been made. For anyone looking to add customizations to their vehicle, when you buy a used car, the price for adding extra customizations decreases. It’s much wiser to purchase a car and then add the extra bells and whistles post-purchase because you will pay significantly less than if they are included at the initial sale in a higher sale price.

You Have More Experience to Rely on

The longer the length of time that a specific make and model has been on the market and driven naturally provides more time for things to come up like defects, recalls, or problems. After a number of years, there has been enough experience with the particular make and model that you will be able to easily know if it has or had not had problems.

When you purchase a new car, there are much fewer people who have had time with that make and model of car to establish it as problem free or problem prone. You simply run the risk of not knowing of bugs and defects that will cause recalls when you purchase new.

When you purchase used, all that information is available to you right away. You are able to be wise with the vehicle you choose because there is more information about the experiences other buyers have had with the make and model of vehicle. It is very simple when you break it down, there is just more data to look at when you are looking through used cars then there is with new cars.

Insurance Rates Are Lower

When you get insurance on your vehicle there are a number of things that your insurance company will look at with different weights to determine your insurance rate on that vehicle. It is common sense that the biggest thing taken into consideration when determining how much you will pay to them for your insurance is the value of the car. When you buy used, your car will not be as monetarily valuable then if you bought the same car brand new. Therefore, in that respect, if something should happen to your brand new car, the insurance company will be paying out a much higher amount, which in turn makes your insurance rates skyrocket.

When you buy a used vehicle, it will cost the insurance company less to repair and or replace it should something happen to it, and it will cost you less when you pay the insurance premium. When it meets the eye, you may not be able to discern the differences between your 2013 Lexus from your 2016 Lexus, but rest assured that your insurance company definitely would. It is due to the concept of depreciation that this happens when insuring a vehicle, and this can be a key advantage of buying a used car in Independence.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing vs. Traditional Dealership Financing  Nov 5th, 2018 

Buy Here Pay Here Financing vs. Traditional Dealership Financing

Why should customers consider a buy here pay here dealership for their next car purchase? What are the differences between a buy here pay here loan and a traditional loan from a car dealership?

Having Credit Problems Is No Problem Here

Many factors separate the two. One of the facts that help buy here pay here loans stand out from tradition loans is the way the loan process is handled.

With buy here pay here financing, the customer arranges the loan with the dealership and makes payments to the dealer whereas traditional dealership loans usually include a separate middleman who finances the loan to the customer. This intermediary may be a bank or credit union with its own set of rules and requirements that the customer has to agree to before getting the loan.

Getting a loan through a bank or third party could be very hard for customers with suffering with credit issues. Banks may reject a customer’s loan application because of a few blemishes on his or her credit report. If this happens, getting a buy here pay here loan may not only be a convenience, it may also be the last resort for some customers.

Most, if not all, buy here pay here auto dealerships accept all levels of credit. They even overlook all negative credit issues. What are the chances of a major bank doing the same? This policy benefits customers in many different ways.

College students in need of a new vehicle, or their very first car, can turn to buy here pay here dealerships without worrying about a lack of credit.

Someone with one too many unfortunate life events that ruined their once perfect credit score can also take advantage of a buy here pay here auto dealership.

Customers might want to consider a buy here pay here auto dealer to help repair their credit too. Even with a steady income, having a few negative points on one’s credit score could be the only thing a bank takes into account. On the other hand, with the buy here pay here relaxed credit policies, customers can use this as a great opportunity to repair their credit.

Buy here pay here dealers work with customers to help them determine the best interest rate and monthly payments for his or her budget. Repaying the loan on schedule will change the customer’s credit score for the better.

Cash for Clunkers

Unlike most traditional dealers who frown upon accepting clunkers for trade-ins, buy here pay here auto dealers are known for purchasing older vehicles. Another point to consider is the fact that traditional car dealerships only accept trade-ins that aren’t paid off. If you can drive it to the lot, chances are a buy here pay here dealership will accept it as a down payment toward your next car.

The way trade-ins work at a buy here pay here dealership is they pay what’s left on the balance of the customer’s car loan. The customer usually keeps what’s left over as a down payment toward their next vehicle. For example, let’s assume that a customer owes $4,000 on their current car loan. The customer goes to trade the vehicle in at a buy here pay here and is offered $6,000 for it.

The buy here pay here dealership will pay off the buy here pay here loan leaving the customer with $2,000. The customer can then choose to pocket the cash or use it as a down payment for a new car.

However, don’t think just because a buy here pay here auto dealership is keen on buying clunkers that they sell junk. Just like any traditional car dealerships, buy here pay here dealers take pride in selling reliable transportation to their customers. Vehicles on the lots are certified pre-owned and have been professionally inspected.

Moreover, a majority of buy here pay here dealerships offer a free CARFAX report to their customers. If they don’t, then you’re probably better off shopping somewhere else.

Quick and Easy Car Buying Experience

As mentioned above, buy here pay here auto dealers do not have third-party middlemen. Customers apply for loans that are provided directly by the dealership. This decreases the amount of time customers have to wait before their behind the wheel of their new car. Banks may require a few extra hours of paperwork before agreeing to a loan at traditional dealerships. However, because buy here pay here auto dealerships provide loans in-house and don’t do credit checks, there’s a good chance that customers will get a new car within minutes.

Down payments are also minimal. With buy here pay here financing the amount needed for a down payment is significantly less in most scenarios. Third party lenders via traditional auto dealerships usually at least a good 10% of the vehicle’s selling price as a down payment. buy here pay here dealers are typically more lenient. Sometimes they may limit the loan requirements to a single monthly payment.

Auto Now in Belton, MO goes even further with a limited 24-month warranty on all vehicles.

Why You Should Choose Auto Now as Your Buy Here Pay Here Dealer  Nov 5th, 2018 

Why You Should Choose Auto Now as Your Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

Trusted Dealership

At Auto Now in Belton, MO, we have six different locations across Kansas and Missouri and we have serving people like you since 1996. We have over twenty years of experience getting our customers into cars that are ideal for their family and their situation at a great price no matter what their credit situation is.

We are a family-owned business that is committed to the communities we work in. We understand that the economy has been hard on people and we want to help our community. We want to make sure that our customers feel valued. We want loyal customers that will come back again and again. We have a Facebook page that shows you a ton of our inventory and we also would love to hear from you so that we can give you more information on our trade-in programs and referral programs. We can’t wait to help you into a great, reliable vehicle.

We make it easy for you to trust us every step of the way here at Auto Now. We will help you buy your car here and finance it through us though our buy here pay here system. This is because we have a great finance department and we don’t want you to have to deal with a financer that you have never heard of. We don’t want you to have to go anywhere else when getting you a car. You can deal with us while we help you to find a car and help you to get the financing for it. We are flexible with our financing and we will make sure that we help to get you into something that will work with your budget.

Simple Process

We have three simple steps you need to follow when getting your financing in order. If you want to be approved you will have to be 18 years old or older, have a current driver’s license and bring home $1200 a month or more. It’s that simple. No matter what your credit looks like we can work with you to get you into a vehicle. You can make this process even quicker by going online and applying for a loan. You will be asked for some basic information and how you learned about us and your approval should be quick, most likely within ten minutes. Once you have finished this process and been approved you will have that approval for 30 days so long as nothing changes on your end. If this approval expires because you waited past the 30-day mark then you can just re-apply.

When we look at financing, we factor each individual situation and the vehicle you choose. We have trained financial specialists that will help to make sure you get into a vehicle that fits your budget. We have come to realize that many of our customers prefer to pay off their vehicles quickly and because of that, we offer special short-term loans. You can also make quick and easy payments at any of our six buy here pay here car lots with a check or money order. Another option is to set up Direct Debit so that you don’t have to worry about a payment being late or forgotten altogether. We have an easy to use online payment portal.

Wide, Reliable Selection

Here at Auto Now, we have a huge selection of vehicles from which to choose. Many of our vehicles are the vehicles that others have traded in at other dealerships. We also have vehicles that have been traded in here and vehicles that we were able to buy at auction. We go all around the Midwest in order to find great cars to offer our valued customers.

Each car we have on the lot has been thoroughly inspected by our on-site mechanics. We only want to put cars on our lot that are of good quality. We know that all of our cars on the lot are great mechanically and will be safe for your family. We do have cars on the lot that have cosmetic blemishes but this allows us to offer you great pricing on our vehicles. We want to get you into a reliable vehicle so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We are in this with you and want to help make sure that you are confident in the vehicle you buy from us.

Peace of mind for our customers is so important to us that we don’t want you to worry if for some reason you do experience mechanical issues with a vehicle you purchased from us. All of the vehicles we have for you to choose from come with a 24-month or 24,000-mile powertrain warranty with a deductible that is only $200. You can come in and talk to us in person in order to get more details on this offer. We want to help you get into the best car for your situation and will help you find the right car and get it financed and you only have to be at one location to get everything done. We don’t judge you based on any credit challenges you might have faced previously we just want to get you into a reliable vehicle and make sure you are not stressed while navigating all of the financial aspects.

Different Locations to Serve You

Remember that we have six different locations to choose from and they are as follows:

Don’t hesitate to come out and see us at any of these locations or give us a call. Also, remember to check out our online loan application so that we can help you get into the right vehicle for you today. We can’t wait to help you out.

When is the Right Time to Buy a Used Vehicle?  Nov 5th, 2018 

When is the Right Time to Buy a Used Vehicle?

At Auto Now in Olathe used car dealership, the right time to buy a used vehicle is now, even if you’ve had credit issues in the past! But perhaps you’re keeping your options open, so let’s look at the right time to buy a used vehicle across the market.

Buying a used car can be a hassle and isn’t always something people want to do. There are some things you should keep in mind when buying a used car so that you are not stressed out during the process. Remember that buying a used car can actually save you money if you buy the right car at the right time. You will want to make sure the care is in good shape and that you buy it at the exact right time to get the best deal with your financing. Keep in mind that a lot of the time the best time for you to buy a used car is close to the same times you would buy a new car.

Before You Need One

We know that this is something that sounds obvious but you will want to make sure that if you are thinking about getting a used car that you have started looking at all of your options well before you get to the point that your current car is breaking down. This will help so that you don’t rush into a decision about a car when it’s time to replace your current car.

If your car is broken then you will be in a hurry to get it replaced and won’t have the luxury of taking your time to find a car that is in great shape and is great for you and your situation.

Also, remember that if you drive your current car until it is undrivable then you will have a hard time getting a good trade amount out of it or even being able to sell it. Start looking as soon as you know you are going to replace your current car so that you know what options are available to you for a car and financing.

Certain Holidays = Certain Good Deals

There are three holidays you should keep in mind when you are looking for a used car and they are Veteran’s Day, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve. These holiday weekends are the best ones out there for sales on used cars. These are the holidays you should save for but you should avoid the holidays in which a lot of families gather like Easter Sunday because you are less likely to find people that are willing to sell on those types of holidays and the prices of the cars will be higher.

Because dealers have many price incentives and sales on new cars on the lot during these times it means that they should have many trade-ins on the lot as well. Most of the time a car dealership would rather sell the used cars to their customers because if they don’t then they will get less money out of them at auction.

Good Weather Days

If you go to a lot on a gloomy day there are many more defects that can be hidden or aren’t noticeable. If you drive off the lot without seeing these then you will have to pay to fix them later. Make sure you go on a day that is nice and sunny out so that the defects aren’t hidden from you and you will have the leverage to negotiate the price of the car. You will also find a lot more personal sellers out on a nice sunny day cleaning up their cars to get them ready to sell.


Another way to save money when buying a used car is to maybe buy a convertible in the middle of winter or look for an SUV that has 4WD in the spring. This is when the sales for SUVs will be good and gas prices will be going up so many owners will want to get rid of their SUV quicker in order to save themselves the gas money. Just keep in mind that this will not work if you go to a large car dealership. They are already aware of these trends and they will rotate their inventory around the country to compensate for it. Your best bet is to go to a small dealership or find a personal owner.

Another idea related to this is to get a vehicle in the middle of winter. This is because most people will not want to be out looking at a vehicle or test-driving one in the middle of winter and because of this, the prices will be lower. If you look in the spring the demand is higher and there are a lot more people looking so you will see that reflected in the price.

Auto Shows

An auto show means there is a huge supply of new cars and this, in turn, means that there are a ton of cars being traded in and so there will be a large number of used cars for you to choose from. You will also have the advantage of the auto show being in town for quite a few weekends so you will be able to take your time in getting a used car.

Another piece of the puzzle is looking at getting a used car when a new model comes out. When these new models come out then there will be a spike in the sale of that particular model. This, again, gives you a bunch of used cars to choose from as people trade in their old car for the new one. Take advantage of the fact that most people want to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology so they trade in their perfectly good used car and you will find a great deal for yourself.

When You Are Prepared

The last thing you need to do is make sure you are prepared to get a used car for yourself. Make sure you have done all of your research before you decide on what car you want. You should look at rankings and reviews, know where your credit score is, and get pre-approved for financing. All of these steps and keeping in mind the above tips will help you to make sure that you get a used car that is best for your situation but is also a car that you won’t regret purchasing.

Auto Now’s Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Makes the Car Buying Process Easier  Nov 5th, 2018 

Auto Now’s Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Makes the Car Buying Process Easier

Auto Now is a buy here pay here dealership in the greater Kansas City area serving citizens of Kansas and Missouri. We have been in business for over 20 years. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, affordable transportation to the decent citizens of Kansas and Missouri. Our motto is “Financing Your Future Not Your Past” and we are deeply committed to this.

Here at Auto Now, when you finance your vehicle purchase through us you are dealing with us, a member of your community, not some faceless, distant finance company. We, Auto Now, extend you the credit for the purchase of your vehicle. You will select your vehicle, arrange and tailor your financing and make your payments right here with us, Auto Now. Auto Now’s experts will tailor your vehicle financing to fit your particular needs.

Having been in business since 1996 with the goal of providing quality reliable transportation at the best possible prices we here at Auto Now are experts at what we do. What we do is put you in the driver’s seat in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way possible. We’ve done it for over 20 years for thousands of Kansas and Missouri citizens.

The Auto Now Buy Here Pay Here Process

Your first step with Auto Now is to fill out an application. You can do that online or in one of our many conveniently located shops. We’ll need your basic information only - name, address, time at residence, employment, how long you’ve been on the job, and, how you learned about us. We can often approve you for financing in as little as 10 minutes.

There are just three things Auto Now requires of you to approve you for financing. You must be at least 18 years of age. You must hold a current valid driver’s license. You must have take-home wages (after taxes) of at least $1,200 per month. Bring your pay stubs and driver’s license with you when you come in to make your financing arrangements.

You’re ready after approval to pick out the vehicle of your choice. Your approval is good for 30 days and if you haven’t decided before that time is up then you’ll just re-apply. If you’ve moved or changed jobs in that 30-day period, we may have to ask you to fill out another application.

Why Choose Auto Now?

Auto Now prides itself on affordable rates and terms. Our average payment is as low as $80 per week. Auto Now wants you to live stress-free and therefore we specialize in short-term loans so you don’t have to have 72 months of car payments hanging over your head. Our experts will sit down with you and tailor a financing package to suit your specific circumstances.

We have hundreds of vehicles available at Auto Now at our many locations here in the Midwest. Auto Now has everything from small cars to full-size trucks with all the types and sizes in between. These are top of the line vehicles from trade-ins at dealerships, auction purchases, and direct trade-ins. Every vehicle is thoroughly inspected by independent mechanics and is covered by our 24-month/24,000-mile powertrain warranty with a low $200 deductible. We want happy customers with reliable transportation so we are committed to providing you with a quality, trouble-free vehicle.

Making your payments is easy with Auto Now. We offer direct payment at any of our five locations by money order or check. You can also pay by phone or online. We have an easy to navigate payments portal for customers who wish to pay online. Additionally, we offer Easy Pay Direct Debit for automatic payments from your checking account.

Our Auto Now experts will look for and locate any rebates or cash-back deals that are available for you.

Auto Now doesn’t just want your business today but in the future too because customer satisfaction and customer support are paramount to us. Auto Now offers referral incentives and programs to reward repeat customers.

Our motto is “We are financing your future not your past” so if you have less than a pristine credit score we can help you with that. We will make it work for you.

Auto Now offers you the opportunity, if needed, to either establish or rebuild your credit rating. Making your Auto Now payments in a timely fashion as well as complying with the other terms of your contractual agreement will improve your credit rating. With the improvement of your credit rating, you may be able to refinance your vehicle purchase with a bank or other auto financing institution during the life of your loan from Auto Now for a more favorable interest rate.

Currently, we are offering a $200 Internet Discount so don’t wait! Get started with Auto Now today.

Buy Here Pay Here Financing in Olathe

Unlike traditional dealerships, Auto Now allows you to skip the process you’d go through at a traditional dealership of finding the car you want and then going to a bank or auto financing institution and then waiting for loan approval. We can approve you and get you out the door in your registered vehicle within the day, sometimes in as little as 30 minutes. Approval can take as little as 10 minutes and you can apply online from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Since we are financing your purchase, we can tailor your financing plan to fit your needs and income. We can set the payment dates to match when you receive your check at work. We can offer you a payment as low as $80 per week. We have a variety of payment/finance plans that will work for you. Auto Now experts will sit down with you and discuss in depth and detail your specific set of circumstances in making your financing arrangements.

We have locations in the Kansas City region to serve you across the Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe, Topeka, and the Kansas City Metro area.

Auto Now is a member of your community and we have many happy community members as customers. Reach out and talk to them about our excellent services. As a community member, we are committed to providing excellent service through reliable, affordable transportation. Since 1996, Auto Now has provided thousands of Kansas and Missouri citizens who have less than optimal credit scores the opportunity to get the vehicle they want and need.

We here at Auto Now promise to make your vehicle buying experience a smooth, seamless, quick, convenient, and painless process so you can get back to all the things that you need and want to do.

Buy Here Pay Here 101: What You Need to Know  Nov 5th, 2018 

Buy Here Pay Here 101: What You Need to Know

What Is Buy Here Pay Here?

A buy here pay here dealership (BHPH) is an automobile dealership where the automobile dealer itself extends credit to the purchaser of an automobile or has an arrangement with a finance company with a relaxed approval criterion.

Buy here pay here dealerships offer a unique opportunity to create or improve your credit history. Given prompt, timely payments to the buy here pay here dealership and adherence to the terms of the contractual agreement, customers can improve their credit scores and then seek a lower interest loan through a traditional auto loan financing institution at some point during the life of the purchase.

A buy here pay here dealership will be able to match up your payment dates on the automobile loan with your paycheck dates from your job. Generally, they will let you select between monthly or bi-weekly payments. All of this will make it as easy as possible to make your payments in a timely manner, thus building your credit score.

Which Dealerships Offers Buy Here Pay Here?

If you see ‘buy here pay here’ written across the windshield of a car, it is a buy here pay here dealership. It’s the same if they write ‘We Finance’. If you go to a franchised dealership like Chevrolet or Dodge that advertises ‘financing’ or ‘rebuild credit,’ those are generally code words meaning ‘buy here pay here’.

Typically, in the past, traditional car dealerships have shied away from the buy here pay here model; however, that is no longer the case. Many franchised dealerships offer buy here pay here on their used car lots - Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, are just a few examples.


You will not initially search for the car you want right off the bat. First, you will be pre-qualified for up to a specific amount the buy here pay here dealership is willing to lend you. You will then look among a group of pre-owned vehicles for which you qualify for. This will avoid any disappointment on your part having fallen in love with a particular car and then finding out you can’t have it.

Typically, in the past, only older model, high mileage cars have been available for buy here pay here, but that is no longer the case.

Qualifying for a Buy Here Pay Here Loan

You are a buy here pay here candidate if you want to trade-in an older model car and/or have little or no money for a down payment and/or if you’ve had a hiccup in your credit history. You might be a recent graduate with little credit history. You might be a new employee. You might be a returning veteran job hunting with a temporary job. You might be a returned employee after a layoff, illness, or injury. You might be a newly single woman entering the job market after a career as a homemaker. You might be a victim of economic downturn having to have sought relief in the bankruptcy courts. You might be a part-time employee. You might be someone with a less than optimal credit history. buy here pay here dealerships will allow you to purchase a vehicle where a finance company or bank would turn you down for a loan.

Further Incentives

Buy here pay here dealerships will engage with you and seek out available dealer incentives such as cash back rebates. Reputable buy here pay here dealerships will offer a warranty on the vehicle you’re buying. buy here pay here dealerships will offer you top dollar for your old model trade-in.

One of the benefits of buying a car from a buy here pay here Dealer is that you will, if you have an address and steady income, walk out having purchased an automobile for little or no money down. Typically, a buy here pay here dealership will offer you top dollar for your pre-owned car, truck, van, or SUV.

Another benefit is that buy here pay here dealerships simplify the process of purchasing of a car, making the purchase and financing a one-stop experience. Payment is made directly to the dealership, further simplifying the experience. Unlike banks and other auto lenders, a buy here pay here dealership is not limited to a loan that is based on the value of the vehicle.

At some buy here pay here dealerships, vehicle insurance is included in the purchase price and thus the monthly payments you make. This further makes the car ownership responsibilities easier and indeed a one-stop shopping experience.

Yet another benefit of making a buy here pay here auto purchase is if you are trading in an older model car with a buy here pay here dealership purchase you will be able to purchase a better, newer, safer vehicle than you might otherwise. This will result in saving you money over the long run in repair, maintenance, and operating costs.

Almost every buy here pay here financing dealership will be connected with the appropriate jurisdiction’s Department of Motor Vehicles. The buy here pay here dealership will be able to get your new car registered and the tags on the way before you step out of the door.

As in any business dealings, it’s recommended that you get all promises and conditions in writing before you sign.

Auto Now Wichita

Auto Now Wichita is your trusted buy here pay here dealership serving the Wichita area. Regardless of credit history, Auto Now Wichita buy here pay here dealership can get you into a great car day.

Not Sure If You Can Buy a Great Used Car with Your Credit History? We Can Help  Nov 5th, 2018 

Not Sure If You Can Buy a Great Used Car with Your Credit History? We Can Help

When you think about life’s necessities, there are several that come to mind - having a roof over your head, food on the table, and money in your pocket. Another necessity for many people is a reliable, dependable vehicle, something you can drive back and forth to work in and something you can rely on to keep your family safe and protected.

At Auto Now, the leading buy here pay here” dealership in Kansas and Missouri, our mission is to ensure that every person, no matter their credit issues in the past, has access to just that type of vehicle. We understand that life happens, and our first-class staff makes it their daily goal to work with customers who are looking for dependable buy here pay here cars at a price they can afford.

Because we act as the bank here at Auto Now, you never have to deal with pushy, demanding loan officers or reams of paperwork that pry into every aspect of your credit history. Instead, let us look under the hood and explore a bit deeper into why a customer with past credit issues trust the buy here pay here process at Auto Now in Wichita.

Our Primary Goal Is Your Satisfaction

No matter what you’re trying to purchase – a home, a car – it can be very difficult getting a loan from a traditional bank if you have had credit issues in the past. In addition, loan officers at banks are interested in one thing - how much of a credit risk is each person who walks into the bank. They don't really care about WHY a person is looking for a loan, only how likely it is that the person will repay the loan in a timely manner.

That is the primary difference between the big banks and the helpful staff here at Auto Now. Our primary goal is putting you into the vehicle that suits your needs and your budget. It is our mission and our promise to you. We are car people and we know how vital having a dependable vehicle is for so many people out there. On top of that, we believe strongly that dependable vehicles should not be available only to those people with spotless credit histories. Why should mistakes and bad things of the past affect your present needs?

Our loyal customers have been making Auto Now THE buy here pay here destination in Kansas and Missouri for the past two decades, and we intend to serve them for the next two decades! They are hard-working, independent people just like you and they want to avoid all the red tape and bureaucracy rampant at the big banks today. Pick a car, sign a contract, and drive off in the car that suits their needs. That is what they want and we think that is what you want as well.

We Make It Easy, Whatever Your Credit Score

We have already talked about some of the advantages of the buy here pay here process at Auto Now, but there are plenty more to discuss. One is our easy application process, something you know you will never experience at the big bank down the road! It is a straightforward procedure that does not try to pry into every little nook and cranny of your credit history but rather tries to understand how much vehicle you can afford while providing you with the dream car you have always wanted.

In addition, at Auto Now in Wichita, all credit types are accepted. Spotless credit? Great job! Past credit issues? No problem, we can always work something out and if you do not believe us, ask any of the thousands of satisfied customers who have been coming back to Auto Now for over 20 years.

Simple, Fast, Perfect for You

If you go the bank route to obtain a car loan, you can be sure that when you finally fill out all the paperwork and answer all the questions, you will have a nice, long wait while the loan department processes your application. Not at Auto Now! Here, we are motivated to serve you, our customer, as quickly and painlessly as possible, so we have streamlined our application process so that it provides some of the fastest approval times in the industry. We understand that sometimes approval on a car loan is the difference between having to call out of work and providing a paycheck for your family, so we ensure that we get your application processed as quickly as possible.

These days, a savvy consumer has to shop around from bank to bank to get the best interest rates on any type of loan. Here at Auto Now, we know that can be a real pain in the neck, especially when all you want is a quick, easy way to get the vehicle you need here and now. That is why we work hard with our credit department to ensure that you have access to the lowest interest rates possible and that you are confident that they are the best in the area. We want your business and that means giving you access to the best lending terms in the industry.

Does anyone these days think the big banks are in it for the customers? Not likely. They are in it for the bottom line, and that means that whether your credit is pristine or a little less than perfect, it does not really concern the loan officer at the bank. They only care about whether you can pay the loan off or not. At Auto Now, we actually care about your credit and we want to work with you to rebuild it if it is less than perfect. Not only will our qualified loan officers craft the perfect loan agreement for your needs, but we will also give you advice as to how this agreement can help bring your credit back to a place where you can be confident and proud. We understand that a happy customer is a frequent customer and we want all your car-buying business!

At the end of the day, we know it is about getting you into the perfect car for your life situation, and we at Auto Now want you to know that we are always ready to help. So come on down to one of our many locations and see what we can do for you today!

Benefits of Buying a Car from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer  Nov 5th, 2018 

Benefits of Buying a Car from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer

Let’s face it. The world doesn’t run on cash; it runs on credit. Your credit rating is the deciding factor when looking for a place to live, rent, or when starting a new business. It’s the same with purchasing a new car. Just a few bad financial turns in life can ruin anyone’s credit. And just like a house damaged by a tornado, rebuilding your credit can take time, effort, and patience. In the meantime, securing an automobile loan will result in many denials from traditional auto dealerships.

Buying a car at a buy here pay here auto dealership can shorten the process of repairing your credit. We pride ourselves with being one of the most trustworthy and dependable buy here pay here auto dealerships in the country. We take great strides when it comes to helping you purchase the right vehicle regardless of your current credit situation.

Us versus Them

Traditional auto dealerships partner with banks. These banks are the ones who decide whether your credit is good enough for a new car loan. You can avoid the headaches and hassle by car shopping with us, a buy here pay here dealer in Wichita. As a buy here pay here auto dealership, all of our loans are financed in-house.

There are no banks involved at all with our car-selling process. No third party to give a thumbs up or thumbs down based solely on your current credit status. Even if you work full time and can make the payments, your creditworthiness is usually the deciding factor for a majority of banks. Not so with us.

A Variety of Cars from Which to Choose

We have a wide variety of car brands on our Kansas and Missouri lots ready and waiting for you. If you’re looking for your first car and aren’t sure which brand suits you, choosing a buy here pay here auto dealer can help narrow your choices. Come in a test drive that new Ford, Chevy, Nissan, or Toyota. We know there are dozens of brand-specific auto dealerships across the city. Why not let us help you save some gas and stop here first? You won’t have to drive all around town to find that one particular vehicle.

Easy Car Buying Experience

At our buy here pay here auto dealership, buying a new car is as simple as picking, signing, and driving. You pick your car. You sign the contract. You drive away. It’s a hassle-free, headache-free car buying experience for everyone.

When you make a down payment with us, rest assured that it will be a reasonable percentage. You, the customer, are our top priority. Making the car buying process as simple and painless as possible for the customer is our highest priority. Once you have made a down payment and agree on our affordable, small monthly payments, you’re ready for that much-needed vehicle financing.

Applying for a new vehicle is as simple as it could be. Easy application, credit leniency, and speedy approval times are just a few on a list of advantages when you purchase a buy here pay here vehicle from us.

Completing an application is the first step in getting the vehicle of your desires. Simply provide us with the general basics - your name, address, place of employment, social security number, and your monthly earnings. Some references may also be required. And don’t worry. All of your personal information is safe with us. We never sell it to anyone, for any price.

However, if required by law we may be obliged to share your information with local and/or federal law enforcement.

We also work with you to help rebuild your credit. Moreover, as a buy here pay here auto dealer we always offer some of the lowest interest rates compared to our competitors.

Repairing Your Credit

As a buy here pay here dealership in Wichita, KS we have a tried and tested system of paying back a loan that will help consumers with credit issues become more financially responsible. We get our customers in the habit of repaying their loan from us twice a month. As stated before, this process of repaying in person for a year or more will help customers become more responsible with their debt repayment practices.

Affordable Down Payments

Customers will also discover that our down payments are much more affordable than traditional auto dealerships. As mentioned before, traditional auto dealerships collaborate with third-party lenders who decide the price and percentage of a loan. On some occasions, traditional auto dealerships will require as much as 10% of the vehicle’s selling price as a down payment.

As a buy here pay here auto dealership, we can be much more reasonable. The only requirement for receiving a loan through our in-house financing is as convenient as a single monthly payment. That’s it.

The Choice Is Yours

It’s ultimately up to you, the customer, to decide on who to buy their new vehicle from. While we’d love to do business with you, but we encourage all of our potential customers to shop around as we’re sure you’ll see our dealership offers you the best deal. Do your homework and discover which road is worth taking - traditional auto dealership or a buy here pay here dealer such as us.

We have a long history within the community and a great track record when it comes to providing reliable cars to the public. We have one of the best customer satisfaction ratings in the state. We also include are CARFAX report, free of charge with all of our used vehicles. We want the customer to rest easy when buying from us.

Auto Now Opens New Location in Wichita, KS  Nov 5th, 2018 

Auto Now Opens New Location in Wichita, KS

18 September 2018

As Kansas and Missouri’s leading buy here pay here dealership chain, Auto Now has for decades been offering the highest quality used vehicles to our patrons through the most flexible financing terms possible. Today, we are proud to announce we are opening our sixth branch, in Wichita, KS.

As a buy here pay here dealership, Auto Now offers a one-stop solution for buying a used car and paying the financing. As we handle the financing of vehicles in-house, we are uniquely able to offer our customers better rates and impressively versatile repayment options.

In particular, customers who have been turned away for financing from traditional lending establishments like banks or even used car dealerships in Kansas and Missouri find that they are able to get financing through Auto Now. Previous credit issues are not a problem at Auto Now, provided you are able to show proof of income.

All vehicles are offered with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty, so you know that you’ll be buying a quality car in top condition.

Auto Now is waiting to serve you in, our now six locations across Kansas and Missouri –

  • Auto Now Wichita, Kansas - 1660 S Seneca St, Wichita, KS 67213
  • Auto Now Topeka, Kansas, 116 SE 29th St, Topeka, KS 66605
  • Auto Now Olathe, Kansas, 1404 East Santa Fe Street, Olathe, KS 66061
  • Auto Now Independence, Missouri, 10500 U.S. 24, Independence, MO 64053
  • Auto Now Belton, Missouri, 307 E North Ave, Belton, MO 64012
  • Auto Now 79th & Wornall, Kansas City, Missouri, 7901 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64114

Customers in the Wichita area, from Wellington to Newton, from Kingman to El Dorado can contact our Wichita branch at (316) 262-3000. The Wichita branch is open from 9 am to 7 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and 9 am to 6 pm on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Buy Here Pay Here Cars Have Received a Comprehensive Inspection from a Qualified Auto Mechanic | Auto Now KC  Oct 30th, 2018 

Before making any big purchase, it's a good idea to research your options and make sure you're getting something reliable. This is already second nature for most of us—whether we are buying something as pricey as a laptop or cell phone or even more modest expenses like a blender or a knife, the first thing we do is go online and scroll through a bunch of customer reviews. This is just common sense. No matter how much you spend on a product, you should expect it to perform well.

Sometimes, however, even after we do our due diligence we still end up with a product that doesn't live up to our expectations. This isn't the end of the world with a smaller ticket item that we can easily afford to replace, but if it's a more expensive purchase, we can be in serious trouble…and as far as purchases go, they don't come much bigger than a car, truck, or SUV.

That's why savvy car shoppers do everything in their power to make sure the vehicle they are buying is in great shape before they commit. This can be tricky with pre-owned automobiles since you can't exactly bring up a detailed review history of the individual vehicle in question, but you can visit a dependable dealership that features buy here pay here cars. Each and every vehicle on these lots is thoroughly inspected by a qualified auto mechanic before being approved for sale.

If you are not a mechanic yourself, you may be wondering just what goes into one of these inspections. The first thing that happens when a pre-owned vehicle arrives at a reliable buy here pay here dealership is that a local, qualified auto mechanic drives it into the garage. Then, they examine the automobile inside and out, from bumper to bumper. Occasionally, cosmetic imperfections may be allowed to remain in order to keep the price tag as low as possible, but any and all safety or mechanical issues are always fully repaired. If any car is found to be mechanically unsound or otherwise unreliable during this comprehensive inspection, it is immediately rejected and returned to the auction or wholesaler.

So, if you are looking for the best, most reliable pre-owned automobiles available at nearby metro locations, come visit Auto Now. We have a very high standard for the vehicles we sell on our lots—the vast majority of our buy here pay here cars in Kansas City, Topeka and Wichita Kansas are trade-ins from new car dealerships. We also put our money where our mouth is, guaranteeing our cars, trucks, and SUVs with a 24-month, 24,000-mile warranty. Unlike many limited warranties, our package includes everything from the engine and transmission all the way down to the starter, alternator, and even the air conditioner. We stand by the quality of our cars, because every single one of them has been approved by an expert mechanic.

Auto Now is dedicated to leasing and selling only the most dependable pre-owned vehicles available. We have several locations in the Kansas City region, including Kansas City at 79th and Wornall, Independence, Belton, Olathe, Wichita and Topeka. Come visit us today!


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A Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership Saves You the Trouble of Getting an Auto Loan from the Banks | Auto Now KC  Oct 30th, 2018 

If there's one thing that everyone can agree on, it's that waiting around for something is the absolute worst sensation. Whether we're talking about a late pizza delivery when we're starving, an important text or email response that's taking forever to arrive, or being stuck in endless traffic, when we need something, the last thing we want is to have to wait around twiddling our thumbs. This is especially true when we're just trying to make a purchase—we know what we want, so why on earth should we be kept waiting? There's just no excuse for it.

Unfortunately, shopping for a car is one of those processes that always seems to involve a lot of waiting around. Parts of the experience are exciting, of course, because there's nothing better than picking out a new ride. This is doubly true when your new set of wheels is going to carry you to a new job or school, or accommodate a new addition to your family—whether it's a work truck that can finally fit all your tools or a teenager's first car, a vehicle is one of those few purchases that is both fun and highly practical. Yet once you've picked out the perfect automobile, the excitement dries up pretty quickly and the waiting begins.

Visiting banks and other third-party lenders to see if you can get a better rate than offered by a dealership. Waiting around in lobbies, filling out loan forms. Who has time to visit a financial institution to ask for a loan, jump through all their hoops, then go to a dealership and pick out a car, and then go back to the bank for a check, and then back to the dealership? We're exhausted just writing it all out!

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. A buy here pay here car dealership in Kansas City, Topeka, Wichita, Olathe, Belton or Independence such as Auto Now simplifies the whole process, saving you a ton of time and unnecessary running around town. Many dealerships insist that you acquire financing before they even let you onto their lot, but a buy here pay here car dealership allows you to stop by whenever it is convenient for you, browse as much as you want, and then set up financing on the spot when you find something you like. Not only can you immediately make your down payment, but they will also help you figure out exactly how much you can easily afford to pay each month without the risk of falling behind on your payments. Once you agree to a figure, you can even set up an online payment system so that you don't have to send in checks or return to the dealership to make your monthly payments.

Auto Now is a buy here pay here car dealership in KC, Wichita and Topeka and we are committed to minimizing your wait time for a new vehicle. With our convenient metro locations in Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe, Wichita and Topeka., you won't have to drive all the way out to the boonies just to look at a car, either. Come visit us today, and you can drive your new car home!


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Buy Here Pay Here Cars for that Much Needed Additional Vehicle for the Family | Auto Now KC  Oct 8th, 2018 

For your parents' generation owning a second car was considered a luxury, but in the modern era it is a necessity for most families. That's because in over 60% of American households, both parents are now working some sort of job, and most jobs obviously require reliable transportation. Even for families where only one parent is employed, a second vehicle can make a world of difference when it comes to shopping, taking care of the kids, and all the other essential errands.

Fortunately, when you factor in inflation, cars are relatively more affordable than in generations past, so picking up a second vehicle doesn't have to be a financial hardship. Then of course there's the fact that your second family car does not need to be a brand-new model purchased from a dealership. You can save money without sacrificing quality by shopping for buy here pay here cars at various Kansas City metro locations, from Independence all the way to Topeka and don't forget Wichita. Provided that you go with a reliable buy here pay here auto dealership, you will have a huge variety of vehicles to choose from, and at very decent prices, to boot.

When deciding exactly what sort of pre-owned car or truck would make the ideal second car for your family, it's worth taking the time to consider what you already have. A few families may really like the make and model they already have and choose to own two of the same car, but most folks find it is beneficial to purchase something a little different from what they already own. That's because while having two of anything is useful in case the first one is in use or ends up in the shop, it can be even more advantageous to have a second ride that has its own specific benefits. Different vehicles serve different uses, after all, so depending on your family's unique needs, it may make more sense for your second vehicle to be a fuel-efficient sedan for running errands, a heavy-duty work truck, or a big SUV for ferrying the kids around. Regardless of what kind of vehicle you settle on, however, there's no reason to drop a fortune on a new car that will plummet in value as soon as it leaves the lot. Instead, check out the range of buy here pay here cars that will do the same job at a fraction of the cost, then use the money you saved to take the family on a roadtrip next summer.

Speaking of money, that's another consideration that makes a buy here pay here car dealer so much better than a new car lot. They help you secure financing and set up a payment plan on-site, saving you the time and hassle of going through banks or other loan institutions. For both price and convenience, you can't beat buy here pay here cars.

When it comes to buy here pay here cars, Auto Now is the very best in the business. We have several metro locations in the Kansas City region to serve you, including in Wichita, Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe, and Topeka . Come visit us today!


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A Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot Near You Has that Road-Worthy Vehicle You've Been Seeking | Auto Now KC  Oct 8th, 2018 

Everyone knows the importance of having a car for getting to and from work, but did you know that some 30% of civilian occupations actually require driving some sort of vehicle while on the clock? That's well over one in four jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and that extraordinary percentage is only going up. We sometimes assume only long-haul truckers, delivery service drivers, or police and other first responders need to drive as part of their jobs, but there are actually countless other employment opportunities that need you to get behind the wheel at some point in your shift. All of you professional road warriors know you need a dependable vehicle that is up for the demands of the job and the inevitable bumps along the way.

Of course, it is worth keeping in mind that if you need a vehicle for your job, it might be worth picking up a reliable second car exclusively for work. That way you don't have to worry about all the miles and general wear and tear you're accumulating during your shift, saving your primary vehicle for personal use. Regardless of whether your intended work car will be your only means of conveyance or a second vehicle, it doesn't make much sense to sink an outrageous amount of money into a brand-new car from a Kansas City dealership Topeka Dealership or Wichita dealership when you could acquire something just as good from a local buy here pay here car lot.

Owning a road-worthy vehicle is obviously mandatory if you already have a job that requires you to provide your own transportation, but purchasing a reliable pre-owned car can also be the key to advancement at work or possibly even landing a new job altogether. This is especially true for insurance sales agents, maintenance and repair technicians, sales managers, pick-up services and other couriers, small business owners in the service sector, home health aides, construction workers, social service professionals, landscaping professionals, computer support technicians, and plumbers, electricians, pest control experts, and all other types of service professionals. The one thing all of these occupations have in common is the common requirement that you bring your own vehicle to work, and if you want to keep your job, that vehicle has to be reliable.

Reliability is key since if you can't drive, you can't work, but affordability is also crucial. That's why so many savvy road warriors turn to Google and search for a "buy here pay here car lot near me." Doing so will inevitably turn up Auto Now, which offers an amazing array of affordable pre-owned cars, SUVs, and trucks in convenient metro locations.

Here at Auto Now we pride ourselves on no-hassle auto leasing and sales, and our top priority is always providing the customer with a reliable pre-owned vehicle. We take this task so seriously that literally every car on our lot has passed a comprehensive inspection by a certified mechanic—if a car doesn't pass, we don't sell it. Furthermore, we back up our claim with a two-year warranty. Come visit any of our metro locations—whether you are in Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe, or Topeka, we even have a location in Wichita, KS we have a lot filled with dependable cars ready to take you to work.

Buy Here Pay Here Cars in Kansas City for that Working Student | Auto Now KC  Oct 2nd, 2018 

There is no getting around the fact that to truly excel in this day and age, you need to get a college education. At the same time, it seems like universities and junior colleges are constantly raising the cost of tuition, books, and everything else. Small wonder, then, that so many people work a full- or part-time job while attending school: recent studies have shown that nearly three out of every four college students have worked at least one job while pursuing their degree. The number of working students is only expected to go up, too, in order to keep up with the rising cost of education.

Pursuing a college degree is obviously an enormous time commitment even without factoring in a job. On top of classes, you also have to account for study groups, time at the library, and extracurricular activities, and juggling all that with work can be a handful. With time being such a precious commodity for the working student, a reliable car is absolutely essential—even if you're in a sleepy college town that might seem small enough to navigate with a bike or public transportation, the average American spends nearly half an hour driving to work every single day, so having your own set of wheels will save you countless hours in the long run. Then, of course, there are all the employment opportunities that flat-out require a car, from delivering pizzas to all manner of courier positions.

The issue is that while virtually all working college students need a reliable mode of transportation, most of them are fairly young and have never bought a car before. That means they have not yet built up a lot of credit, which can make it difficult to acquire a decent vehicle in the first place. The best course of action for people in this situation is to look into a dealership that offers buy here pay here cars, as they expressly cater to customers with low credit.

Unlike most used car lots, Auto Now offers pre-owned vehicles with no down payment, which makes them ideal for college students. All you need to do is bring in your ID and your last paystub. Well, that and pick out a car from the massive inventory! Once you have picked out the perfect vehicle, our dealership will help you settle on a monthly payment amount that is based on your income and the cost of the car. We will even help set you up with an online payment plan, which is both convenient and helpful for successful budgeting—when you are focused on your education, the last thing you need is to worry about falling behind on your payments, after all.

As a buy here pay here dealership, Auto Now is committed to no-hassle auto sales. We have several locations in the Kansas City region to serve the working college student and their family, including Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe, Wichita and Topeka. Come and visit us before the semester gets any busier!

Searching for a "Buy Here Pay Here Car Lot Near Me" to Find a New Car?  Oct 2nd, 2018 

Whether you are looking for your very first car or have owned a dozen over the years and are trying to find lucky thirteen, chances are you are going to do a little research before making your purchase. Back in the day, this could be difficult for anybody not lucky enough to know a mechanic or other automotive expert, but nowadays researching vehicles and financing is as simple as getting online. According to a recent study, nine out of every ten shoppers surf the internet before making any serious financial commitment, and few purchases are as major as an automobile. Of course, unlike a new toaster oven or fishing rod, a car is something you will definitely want to purchase in person rather than ordering online, so the sensible starting place is to search for something like "buy here pay here car lot near me."

The reason it makes more sense to start by searching for a local buy here pay here auto dealership rather than looking up specific vehicles is that you don't want to get too hung up on one or two models. It has been statistically proven that if you set out only looking for specific vehicles like Ford F-150s or Toyota Corollas, for example, you will have to spend a lot more time driving around to different lots trying to find one, and may end up paying significantly more than a customer who has not committed themselves to a particular make or model.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with researching particular vehicles or brands; it just makes sense to explore a wide range of options. The experts agree that a more fruitful starting point is to look into buy here pay here car lots in the Kansas City metro area so that you can go and see what specific vehicles are available before you invest any time in researching them. Many folks also research their purchasing options online before beginning their search for a new car, which is a savvy approach—it just makes sense to figure out how you plan on financing your purchase and managing your payments before you commit to a major investment.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to shop in the Wichita, Topeka or greater Kansas City area, your online research will inevitably take you to the website for Auto Now.

Auto Now operates one of the most reputable buy here pay here car dealerships in the region. We offer a real-time inventory of the vehicles available on our lots so that you can browse what is available and research any potential purchases from the comfort of your own home or workplace. On top of all that, we allow you to begin the application process online, and our website even offers a secure payment gateway so that once you commit to your purchase, you can make your monthly payments online.

Auto Now is a buy here pay here auto dealer with five convenient locations: Wichita, Topeka and Olathe in Kansas, and Independence, Belton, and Kansas City in Missouri. You can also browse our selection of vehicles online to conduct a little research in advance, but our cars move fast and we're constantly updating our inventory, so come visit us in person today!

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Car Buying Tips from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Near You!  Sep 25th, 2018 

Buying a car should be a fun and exciting process, but if you don't have a ton of automotive experience, it can also be a little frustrating. You probably have a lot of questions, as well you should before making any big purchase. The good news is that the process doesn't have to be that hard, and no matter what sort of vehicle you want there is a vast number of well-built, recent model used cars to choose from. So long as you keep the following advice in mind and purchase your car from a reputable buy here pay here dealership, you can be confident that you're buying a quality vehicle.

The Best Time to Buy a Car

The first thing to decide upon is the best time to purchase a car. While the answer to this question obviously varies on a case-by-case basis, a good rule of thumb is that the best time to buy a car is when you need it, not just when you want it. Obviously, some folks flock to the newest, fresh-off-the-assembly-line models, and if you are chasing some limited production run sports car, you may need to buy it as soon as it's available, but the reality is that buying a brand-new car is a huge money sink with limited benefits—it's true that they lose thousands of dollars just as soon as they leave the lot. That's why most people start car shopping when the need arises, such as when they start a new job, move, or go away to college.

Do Your Research

Before making any large purchase, it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. So, do a bit of research into what sort of vehicle will best suit your needs not just in the short term, but also for your future. If you think you need a truck or SUV, try to figure out just how roomy it should be to suit yourself and your family. If the rising costs of insurance and fuel are a potential issue, you may want to look at smaller, less expensive options. If you are planning on starting a family, then a two-seater hatchback probably isn't for you. Just keep in mind that in order to get the best vehicle at the best price, you shouldn't get too caught up on an individual make or model, since hunting for one particular car will always end up being more costly and time-intensive than having a range of options to weigh against one another. Don't be afraid to ask your family and friends for recommendations, either, and remember that the best research is often done at the auto dealership, since their trained staff is familiar with what's actually available to you at any given time.

Make Financing Easy

Getting a small loan to buy a car shouldn't be a hassle, but banks can sure make it seem like it is, especially if your credit history isn't spotless. The good news is if you plugged "buy here pay here dealerships near me" into Google and you happen to live in Kansas, you are right down the road from AutoNow. As a Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealer, we're dedicated to hassle-free auto sales, regardless of credit history. We have locations all over Kansas and Missouri, including in Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe, Wichita and Topeka. See us today!

Advantages of Buying a Car from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership  Sep 18th, 2018 

Advantages of Buying a Car from a Buy Here Pay Here Dealership

The popularity of Buy Here Pay Here (or BHPH for short) dealerships has been on the rise recently. Although the idea and concept behind it aren’t exactly new, the increasingly difficult economic situation makes it a great proposition for a lot of people. To put it simply, BHPH is a method of running an automobile dealership where the dealership itself extends credit to purchasers of vehicles. They transcend the boundaries and limits of what one would categorize as a ‘standard dealership’ and evolve into something much, much more.

Although it may sound somewhat intimidating at first, we can assure you, it is anything but. In fact, the entire concept was originally conceived to help the average customer acquire affordable means of transportation at conditions which suit him the most. At its very core, the BHPH system caters to the customer and his needs. At this point you’re probably already questioning its validity and the benefits, so allow us to break down the entire process and explain how it all works.

A Bit of History

BHPH originated in the early 1970s when the U.S. experienced a savings and loan crisis. Dealers still needed to move cars and people wanted affordable cars to be able to get on with their everyday lives. In a time when banks would not give out loans to a lot of good, reputable citizens, dealerships saw the opportunity to start lending out loans themselves and grabbed the opportunity. The 2008 financial crisis relaunched the BHPH concept and it’s been proven to work. With that out of the way, let’s get into why it makes sense and you should consider it before leasing or taking out a loan from the bank.

Extremely Fast Service

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s still well worth the mention. When getting a loan from the dealership itself, you’ll be starting and finishing the entire process completely in-house. You won’t have to wait for a loan approval from the bank nor as there’s no application processing time. You also don’t have to apply with multiple lenders backing you up, saving you a lot of time and unnecessary hassle. The dealership will be, in most cases, able to immediately provide you a guaranteed auto loan approval with which you can purchase the vehicle as soon as possible. If time really is money, then you’ve already saved quite a bit of cash by not dealing with third parties such as the banks.

Flexible Terms

The best part is that you set your own terms of repayment, not the bank. Want a seven-year loan? No problem. Want to stretch that time frame to nine years? Don’t worry about it. Dealerships like Auto Now are extremely flexible when it comes to making an agreement, most often than not they’ll go out of their way just to please you. The loan will be entirely based on what you need and want not on what the dealership requires. With banks, you play by their rules, not yours. Dealerships are much more laid back and stress-free. Each loan can be custom-tailored to match your needs, no matter if it’s a three-year loan or a nine-year one.

Competitive Interest Rates

People will bad or poor credit might soon realize that they have to visit an in-house financing lender. With poor interest rates, they’re two times worse than the banks. This is where the dealerships come in. Going through a reputable dealership and applying for a loan will yield interest rates similar to those found in conventional lenders. You’ll be basically getting the best terms possible from a dealership which only wants to move cars, not double-cross you. Dealerships have no real benefit from charging you with insane interest rates, as you’ll be purchasing a vehicle anyway regardless. It’s in their favor that they offer tempting interest rates to shift cars, essentially giving you the deal of a lifetime.

Low Down Payments

In most cases, you’re required to make a down payment before you even begin the purchasing or loaning out process. This wouldn’t have been so bad if the minimum down payment limit weren’t so high. In a lot of cases, it can stretch up to several thousand dollars, money most people with a loan don’t have. Luckily, dealerships require little or no down payments from their borrowers. As you can imagine, this can prove to be extremely useful as you won’t have to save up the money just to be able to afford it.

Rebuilding Your Credit

It’s a vicious cycle: you can’t rebuild your credit if you can’t get any credit to start with in the first place. The BHPH dealership system is the perfect way to start rebuilding your credit. Not only will they provide you with the basic transportation you require to live, but slowly start to reestablish the credit or rebuild a damaged one. As an installment loan, dealership financing is one of the best and fastest ways to improve your credit rating.

Auto Now KC - Your Bad Credit Dealership  Sep 13th, 2018 

Auto Now KC - Your Bad Credit Dealership

Buying an automobile can be an intimidating. After all, not many people can afford to walk into a dealership and pay cash for the car of their choice! Car shopping can be especially scary if you’re not sure where your credit score ranks, or if you haven’t established much credit yet at all. Nobody wants to feel embarrassed or ashamed because they got turned down for a car loan. So for many reasons, a traditional dealership may not be for you.

That’s where Bad Credit Dealers come in. They’re in the business of getting you in the right car, at the right price. Their main concerns are getting you the automobile you need at a budget-friendly monthly payment. With a Bad Credit Dealership, the dealer is also your financier, so you don’t have to worry about negative credit reports. Remember, they want to sell you a car, so it’s definitely in their best interest to make sure they approve you!

Get a Car with Poor Credit

Auto Now KC cares more about your future than it does about your past. Nobody’s perfect, and Auto Now KC understands that. If you have good credit or bad credit, Auto Now KC is the place to go for your automobile needs. Even if you’ve faced bankruptcy or had a vehicle repossessed, you may still qualify for an automobile at Auto Now KC.

You’ll certainly be happy with the results, as the professional staff works hard to get you behind the wheel of the perfect car for you. There are never any high-pressure sales pitches or extra fees added on at the last minute. They work with you to help meet your needs, the paperwork is easy to read and understand, and the financial aspects are well laid out and explained so you don’t walk away with questions.

Everybody sometimes needs credit, whether to lease an apartment, buy a car, or buy that dream house with the white picket fence. But once that credit rating starts to slip, it can be a real challenge to get it back where you want it. Or maybe you are just starting out in life and haven’t had an opportunity to establish much credit yet. Auto Now KC understands that your credit rating can have a lot to do with your quality of life. Because we do report on-time payments, unlike some other BHPH dealerships, you can buy a car today and start to rebuild your credit score at the same time. So don’t let a lack of credit or shaky credit ruin your dreams of driving that perfect car.

Bad Credit Car Dealership Myths

Let’s address some myths about Bad Credit Dealerships and Buy Here Pay Here dealerships:

If you’re late or miss one payment they’ll take the car back.

False! Bad Credit Dealerships understand the issues that the average American faces. If you think or know you’re going to be late on a payment, or simply unable to make it that month, just call the dealer as soon as you can. They will do everything in their power to help get you back on track. Maybe this month you can split the payment up into smaller portions to help you stay on time with your loan.

BHPH dealers churn their inventory – they sell the same car five or six times a year.

False! Refer to the paragraph above – these dealers are here to help you get back on your feet. They want to keep you in your automobile, and that way everybody is happy.

The Bad Credit Car industry isn’t regulated, so those dealers can do whatever they want.

False! These dealerships are highly regulated and must comply with state usury laws, state and federal unfair and deceptive practices laws, the Truth in Lending Act, and much, much more.

These cars won’t have a warranty.

False! More and more dealers are providing warranties on their used vehicles, and many offer service contracts for a fee. At Auto Now KC you get a 24 month/24,000-mile warranty. And if you do have a mechanical issue, Auto Now KC will work with you to get it repaired and back on the road, so you can keep driving! At Auto Now KC, they guarantee that all vehicles will pass required state inspections.

Interest rates will be outrageous.

False! All credit is extended based on the credit rating of the individual. The lower the credit rating, the higher the interest rate. But the opposite is true, too. If your credit score is moving back on up, you may qualify for a lower interest rate. Most dealers will be ready to re-negotiate an interest rate as you continue to pay on time.

They require extremely high down payments.

False! BHPH dealers know that their customers have limited incomes and budget constraints. They’re not out to gouge anybody. If they can’t get you behind the wheel, they’re not making any money. Therefore, the down payments are frequently $100 or so, just some earnest money to show that the buyer intends to follow through on the payments.

How do I benefit from shopping at a Bad Credit Car Dealership?

  • Flexibility - Auto Now KC offers five locations in Kansas City, Independence, Belton, Olathe, and Topeka. Bad credit or slow credit is not a problem. Their professional team will work diligently to get you into a car that fits both your needs and your budget.

  • Bad Credit is OK - Bad Credit Car Dealerships don’t care about your past – they care about your future. Even if your credit rating is low, they’re still going to be able to find a car to suit your needs and budget. You can generally walk in with a copy of your most recent pay stub, proof of residency, and your driver’s license, and drive off the lot with your new automobile.

  • Easy Application Process - You can apply online or in person. You can be approved in as little as 20 minutes! That sure beats the typical hassle of spending your entire Saturday afternoon inside the showroom when all you want to do is drive down the highway in your new car!

  • Easy Payment Process - At Auto Now KC you can go directly to the dealer to make your payments. That way you can establish a strong, committed relationship as you see each other every month.

  • Ease of Purchase - Because Buy Here Pay Here is an all-inclusive deal, you don’t have to go shop around for an auto loan. You know the drill – pick out the car you like, then apply to five different lenders and get turned down four different times. All of that is in the past with Auto Now KC. Bring the correct documentation into the dealer (driver’s license, proof of residency, and last pay stub) and they will take care of the financing for you while you browse the wide selection of available automobiles. They want to make your car buying experience a pleasant one and will do everything they can to ensure that you feel that way.

Auto Now KC – Kansas’ Best Bad Check Car Dealer

Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers Are Flexible

Regardless of your credit history, if you can bring in your two most recent pay stubs, your driver’s license, and proof of residency, you can most likely drive off the lot behind the wheel of your new car. If you buy from a dealer that reports credit history, you can rebuild your credit while you enjoy the luxury of your vehicle.

Payments That Fit Your Budget

Unlike traditional dealerships that try to talk you into a vehicle you don’t want or can’t afford, a Buy Here, Pay Here dealer is going to discuss both your needs and your budget, and make sure they can satisfy both. You can help choose the payment dates so it works well with your paydays, and because payments will usually be made at the dealership where you purchased your automobile, you will be able to establish a solid relationship with the people you’re doing business with.

No Hassle Application Process

Apply online and get approval in as little as 10 minutes. You can also fill out the application in person at the dealership. Professional representatives will assist you in completing the paperwork, and explain each step to you. What used to take hours can now be done in less than 30 minutes.

Extensive Inventory

Gone are the days when you had to choose from a handful of beaten up cars on the lot. Today BHPH dealers have as extensive an inventory as many traditional dealerships. You will have hundreds of cars to choose from, with a wide range of prices, makes, and models.

So, with all this being said isn’t it about time you got down to Auto Now KC automobile dealership and pick out your new automobile?

Advantages of Buy Here Pay Here  Aug 30th, 2018 

Advantages of a Buy Here Pay Here Lot

Owning a dependable, safe, and reliable high quality vehicle would appear to be a luxury according to some people, but the truth of the matter is that, without a vehicle, life is pretty hard. In some cases, it’s nearly impossible to survive without a ride. It’s hard to get a job if you don’t have your own vehicle and the simple things in life such as heading out to the supermarket become an ordeal when you are without your own means of transportation.

Dealing with a bank to get financing for a car can also be a dead end. Perhaps it is the headache and hassles they make you endure, or the fact that you’ll need to purchase full coverage insurance. Maybe prior credit problems prevent you from qualifying for a bank loan. No matter why you choose not to deal with the banks, choosing a Kansas or Missouri Buy Here, Pay Here lot is one of the best decisions that you can make when you need a trustworthy car that won’t cost you a small fortune.

Choosing to work with a Buy Here, Pay Here lot offers a number of advantages that you won’t find when dealing with a bank. Continue reading, and in no time at all, you will be ready to get in touch with Auto Now KC to make your next vehicle purchase.

A Poor Credit Rating Does Not Stop You from Buying a Vehicle

If you have problems with your credit, that is never a concern with a Buy Here, Pay Here lot like Auto Now KC. We understand that mistakes happen and sometimes people get trapped by unfortunate events. It’s really of no concern to us why you might have poor credit; everyone knows that the credit crunch and housing bust has caused problems for the best of us. It doesn’t take away from the need for a car that is going to get you and the people who matter most from Point A to Point B safely and securely.

When you work with Auto Now KC, we are “the bank” and make all the decisions. There is never even a credit check performed, so it doesn’t matter what your past credit looks like. This alone should take a great amount of weight from your shoulders and show you that we’re on your side.

Regardless of your credit, we have a vehicle suitable for your needs. These days it seems that there are fewer and fewer people with perfect credit, but thankfully Buy Here, Pay Here lots are around to solve the problem when ordinary Americans have the need for a vehicle.

A Wide Car Selection to Suit your Tastes

The selection of cars available at a Buy Here, Pay Here lot is not small and limited as some people assume. A misconception is the car selection must only include older cars which will fail the test of time. That is simply untrue.

Instead, there are a plethora of vehicles for you to choose from, no matter your preferred style or your budget. These are safe, reliable cars that will get you where you are going. Take your pick of great SUVs and crossovers, compact vehicles, trucks, and more. There are vehicles in all price ranges, too, ensuring that there is always a vehicle on the lot ready for you to drive off.

In fact, your options are usually wider when you choose a Buy Here, Pay Here provider, as traditional banks often put restrictions on the type, age, and condition a car is in before lending you money for it.

It is of course best to take the time to view all of the available vehicles to ensure perfect satisfaction with your vehicle, but Buy Here, Pay Here lots like Auto Now KC have built their reputation on offering the best cars at the best prices without any of the usual hassles for poor credit purchasers.

You Can Often Own your Car Faster

Working with a Buy Here, Pay Here car lot allow you to make smaller monthly payment than you would with the bank and since most of the time you need only state required coverage, that is another saving. As we’re more flexible, you could choose to make bigger payments. Lots of the rules and regulations banks put in the place to ensure you are of no risk to them increase the interest cost to you. Added fees and surcharges add up. At the end of the day, owning your car in a much faster period of time is a great advantage that you are sure to enjoy.

Auto Now KC is a One-Stop-Shop

When you work with a Buy Here, Pay Here lot, it is a one-stop shop that provides you with ease and convenience of making just one stop for all your needs. What could be more frustrating than having to run here and there and back again just to make the purchase of a car? You will make your payments at the lot and never deal with anyone else, eliminating so many frustrations in the process.

Other services are available to accommodate your needs as well. These include servicing of the vehicle, parts, and accessories, etc. When you purchase from this lot, all of your needs are taken care of quickly and with ease, by the people who understand your car and your needs the most.

No Red Tape; Easy Qualification for a Car Loan

Dealing with banks is rarely something anyone will describe as an enjoyable experience. To easily avoid the hassles, you can work with a Buy Here, Pay Here lot when you need to purchase a vehicle. It is much easier than working with the bank, and qualifying is also a lot easier. When you need a car, do you really want to wait weeks on end to find out if you qualify? Working directly with the dealership ensures that you are in a vehicle quickly and without the endless paperwork. It seems that nothing in life is easy these days, so when you get the chance to make life easier, take advantage of that opportunity.

A More Personalized Experience

In Kansas, you want the experience of purchasing a car to be personal and dealt with by local Kansas professionals. You want to feel like more than just another number or another customer, and that your needs matter. You want your questions answered and your concerns handled. You want to be heard and feel like you matter.

At Auto Now KC, that personalized experience always awaits you. Working directly with the dealership provides the personalized attention that you want and deserve, ensuring that your concerns are heard and that your needs are met. You deserve such an experience when making a purchase as important as a vehicle.

Less Paperwork

Unless you are the one in a million, paperwork is not something that you enjoy doing. But, when you buy a car with the bank, there is always a ton of it that must be completed just to find out if you even qualify for a loan. We all know how particular banks are when it is time to make an approval for a loan. You’ll very likely also need to go to multiple banks to finally get approval for your loan, as each has different criteria.

When you work with a Buy Here, Pay Here lot in Kansas, you have less paperwork to worry about and the company takes care of it all for you. The last thing that you want to do is sit and repeat yourself over and over again as you complete what feels like a mini novel to a procession of blank faces. You eliminate that worry when you work with a Buy Here, Pay Here dealership. The amount of paperwork that is required is much reduced.

Your New Car Awaits You Today

It is nice to know that there are options aside from the bank out there that can help you get a vehicle when you need it and that even without perfect credit it is still possible to get a great vehicle. Whether you are buying your first vehicle or are purchasing a second, you can get those benefits with a Buy Here, Pay Here auto lot.

If you are ready to get a vehicle without the hassles and headaches the bank brings along, working with Auto Now KC is an idea for you to consider, as this is one financial experience that you will be able to report back to your friends as an enjoyable one. How often do we get to say that these days?

Whether you have credit problems that prevent you from getting a bank loan, want to avoid the hassles, or simply love the advantages and personal experience of working with a local dealership for all your financing, you will find that working with this type of dealership is beneficial to you in so many ways. It doesn’t get any better than this in the auto industry, so why go another day without the car that you want or need when it is so easy to work with a company that really puts your needs first?

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